What is hot water boiler

  Hot water introduction

  A hot water boiler is a boiler that produces hot water, and is a thermal energy device that uses heat energy released by fuel combustion to heat water to a rated temperature. The water does not undergo a phase change in the boiler body, that is, no steam is generated. After the return water is sent to the boiler, the heat of the flue gas is absorbed by the heated surface, and is output without reaching the saturation temperature. According to the hot water supply temperature, the hot water boiler can be divided into low temperature water and high temperature hot water boiler.ULJHorizontal boiler

What is hot water boilerULJHorizontal boiler

  The application of hot water boiler

  Hot water boilers are mainly used for heating, domestic hot water supply, industrial hot water supply, etc. Hot water boilers are widely used in heating, bathing and domestic hot water in hospitals, schools, hotels, residential areas and other enterprises. Hot water boilers sometimes act as heat source equipment in some enterprises, such as sheet metal processing industry and food industry.ULJHorizontal boiler

  The fuel used in hot water boiler

  Coal-bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite, peat, oil shale, etc. Biomass - wood chips, bagasse, rice husk straw, biomass pellets, palm shells, coconut shells, etc. Liquid fuels - heavy oil, residual oil, diesel, etc. Gas fuels - natural gas, biogas, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.ULJHorizontal boiler

  Types of ZBG hot water boiler

  The hot water boilers produced by ZBG include oil fired hot water boilers, gas hot water boilers, coal-fired hot water boilers and biomass hot water boilers. Our hot water boiler specifically to provide the building heating and industrial processing industries with advantages in safety, long life service and economical operation.ULJHorizontal boiler

ZBG hot water boiler typesULJHorizontal boiler

  ZBG related cases of hot water boiler

  two 1.4MW gas-fired hot water heating boilers in RussiaULJHorizontal boiler

  58 mw cfb hot water boiler for heating systemULJHorizontal boiler

  14 mw hot water boiler for Malaysia hospitalULJHorizontal boiler

  1.4 mw natural gas hot water boiler used in a hotelULJHorizontal boiler

  2.8 mw coal hot water boiler for district heatingULJHorizontal boiler

  oil hot water boiler for a greenhouse in RussiaULJHorizontal boiler

  35 mw biomass hot water boiler for central heating in MongoliaULJHorizontal boiler

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