types of steam boilers

   Steam boilers can be used in food factories for food processing, disinfection, sterilization, cooking, etc. In paper mills, steam boilers can be used for pulping, drying, etc. Steam boilers are the main heat source equipment and power equipment that are indispensable in industrial production.AsgHorizontal boiler

types of steam boilersAsgHorizontal boiler

  Steam boilers can be classified in different ways. ZBG steam boiler can be classified under various categories. The main purpose of steam boilers is to generate steam, and so the way in which the steam is generated and consumed forms the major category. The major two groups of boiler application are Industrial steam generators and power generation boilers. Boilers are also classified as fire tube and water tube boilers.AsgHorizontal boiler

  ZBG fire tube steam boiler types: wns series oil/gas boilers, dzl seriesn chain grate boiler.AsgHorizontal boiler

  ZBG water tube steam boiler types: 4-130 ton szs oil/gas boiler, szl series coal/biomass fired boiler, dhl series corner tube chain grate boilers, power plant boiler.AsgHorizontal boiler

  Depending on type of fuel burned in boilers they can be classified asAsgHorizontal boiler

  Oil fired boiler: oil, light oil, diesel, heavy oilAsgHorizontal boiler

  gas fired boiler: natural gas, LPG, biogas, city coal gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gasAsgHorizontal boiler

  Coal boilers: bituminous coal, anthracite, lean coal, ligniteAsgHorizontal boiler

  Biomass boiler: rice husk, wood chip, palm shell, biomass pellets, tobacco stem, corn cob, bagasseAsgHorizontal boiler

  Multi-fuel fired boilers: Oil and gas dual purpose boilerAsgHorizontal boiler

  Waste heat recovery boilers: carbon kiln flue gas, chemical industry waste flue gas, coking waste heat flue gas, sinter machine flue gas, hazardous waste incineration gasAsgHorizontal boiler

  Boilers also can be classified based on pressure, firing type, construction type, circulation type, firing system design nature, and nature of steam application. If you need to buy a steam boiler, you can contact us. This is a boiler manufacturing company founded in 1945. It has formed more than 200 product systems to provide solutions for different customers. Headquartered in Zhengzhou, China, it is a large-scale boiler manufacturing and R&D base with more than 130 technical invention patents.AsgHorizontal boiler

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