Superheater in boiler

   A boiler generates steam/hot water via the optimized combustion of fuels (coal, gas & oil, biomass, etc.). One of the critical components of pressure parts is the superheater. A superheater is basically a heat exchanger in which heat is transferred from furnace gas to steam. A superheater is a component of a boiler that further heats steam from a saturated temperature to a superheated temperature, also known as a steam superheater. The superheater can be divided into convection type, radiant type and semi-radiation type according to the heat transfer mode; according to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into a serpentine tube type, a screen type, a wall type and a wall type. They are composed of several parallel tubes and inlet and outlet headers. The superheater is located in the radiation zone of a boiler where heat is transferred from flue gas to dry steam, flowing into superheater tubes.eVWHorizontal boiler

Superheater in boilereVWHorizontal boiler

  The use of superheater in boiler

  Most industrial boilers do not have superheaters because many industrial processes and living facilities require only saturated steam. In power stations, locomotives and marine boilers, in order to improve the cycle thermal efficiency of the entire steam power plant, a superheater is generally installed. Steam superheaters are widely used in steam boilers and waste heat-recovery steam boilers. Their purpose is to raise steam temperature from saturation conditions to the desired final temperature. When used in steam turbines, superheated steam decreases steam heat rate of the turbine and thus improves the turbine and overall plant power output and efficiency. Also, steam conditions at the steam turbine exit will have little or no moisture.eVWHorizontal boiler

  Types of superheater in boiler

  Radiative superheaters are used as the first heat transfer surfaces after the furnace. Often a platen arrangement is preferred to create a fouling-resistant construction. Superheaters are the hottest heat transfer surfaces in the boiler, so they are often built with temperature-resistant alloys. The wall superheater is a special class of superheater. A wall superheater is basically a flat panel of joined tubes that hangs either as close to the furnace membrane wall as possible or forms part of the furnace. Sometimes the backpass side walls form a superheating surface. Typically wall superheaters are the first superheater after the steam drum or the coolest superheater. When flue gas temperatures decrease, the radiative flux gets smaller and the share of convective heat transfer is increased. If less than half of the heat transfer is from radiation, the superheater is designated as a convective superheater.eVWHorizontal boiler

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