Rice mill using rice husk fired boiler in Bangladesh

Rice husk fired boiler is belong to biomass fired boilers which can fuel with different biomass fuels, like rice husk, straw, agr-waste, bagasse, sugar cane. Bagass use sugar cane industry like rice mill using rice husk fired boilers. Both of them are very popular in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan etc.rLsHorizontal boiler

Rice husk boiler in Bangladesh

Boiler for rice mill manufacturerrLsHorizontal boiler

Bangladesh is one of the largest producers of rice in the world–it processes about 28 million tonnes a year. Since a majority of this was sent to furnaces for parboiling purposes, the exercise became a losing game for rice mill owners, farmers, and even the green lobby in environmentalists waged a war against the pollution that these furnaces led to. ZG provide more case in Bangladesh rice mill using rice husk fired boilers. A rice-husk-fired boiler furnace was designed to produce steam for the process heating of paddy in rice mills.rLsHorizontal boiler
The results from the demonstration unit were highly encouraging. The improved furnace operated at 44% efficiency, thereby saving substantial quantities of rice husk. With the rice husk supply being constant, the saved raw material could be diverted to produce briquettes that easily replaced conventional, polluting fuels used for steam generation in the furnaces of other industries as well. Of all the advantages that resulted after the shift to the new furnace, saving rice bran from being used as fuel was particularly significant.rLsHorizontal boiler

Benefit from rice husk fired boilers

A lot of large- and small-scale rice mills benefited from the improved furnace. Operations became profitable and sustainable. Moreover, conventional steam generating industries also gained from the fuel that was made available to them and it no longer remained a technology exclusively used by the rice mills. The new furnace also ensured a healthy working environment and air quality, since the flue gas would exit only through the chimney, thus improving the working conditions for workers.rLsHorizontal boiler

Boiler for rice mill manufacturer

Rice mill using rice husk as fuel to heating boilers in Bangladesh are known by local people. ZG with 70 years experience boiler for rice mill manufacturer provide different capacity for customer demand. You can get the best suitable boiler for your rice mill as your requirements. ZG welcome you visit us!rLsHorizontal boiler

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A: We need know the details of Rice mill using rice husk fired boiler in Bangladesh, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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