Main information for buy a boiler

  Usually when you ask us about boiler , we will ask you to provide some information which are important for us to design the boiler system. Such as boiler parameters, boiler application, boiler site, the country that the boiler is used in.qVNHorizontal boiler

  So when customers buy a boiler, what information do they need to pay attention to? Today we will explain it.qVNHorizontal boiler

  1. The most important point, the boiler requirements

  (1) Which types of boiler do you need? Steam boiler, hot water boiler or power plant boiler.qVNHorizontal boiler

  (2) What is the boiler capacity?qVNHorizontal boiler

  (3) What is the steam pressure and temperature?qVNHorizontal boiler

  (4) What is the fuel?qVNHorizontal boiler

  (5) Other boiler parameters(feed water temperature, exhaust temperature )qVNHorizontal boiler

Main information for buy a boilerqVNHorizontal boiler

  2. Which country will the boiler be used in?

  This will affect the production standards of the boiler. European area will need CE standard , American area need ASME standard while most of the Asian area need GB meaning Chinese standard .qVNHorizontal boiler

  3. The boiler site

  Local three and single voltage , both of them are very important for the boiler electrical components . 380v and 220v ,50hz is the common seen in the Chinese area .qVNHorizontal boiler

  4. The climate of the local site

  Rainy, sunny or near to the sea, they all influence the boilers design, but most important of them is the local site sea level, usually the boiler in our factory is designed less than 500 m, so if the local site sea level is more than 500m , the boiler structure and price maybe change more or less .qVNHorizontal boiler

  5. The local site environment protection standard

  For natural gas fired boiler, if it has requirements about NOx emission , for biomass boiler , the particular emission is very important , if local is strict with the dust emission ,as 30mg/nm3 ,maybe the boiler system will need bag filter , the price will enlarge .qVNHorizontal boiler

  The above information are very important when the customer purchases the boiler. We will customize the boiler equipment solution according to the information given by the customer and provide a complete set of boiler quotation information.qVNHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Main information for buy a boiler?

A: We need know the details of Main information for buy a boiler, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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