how to obtain steam boiler capacity in kilowatt

   First, let's talk about the boiler capacity unit, "Megawatt (MW)", "kilowatt(Kw)", "W", "Kcal/h", "horsepower(hp, bhp,)", "ton per hour(t/h, tph, ton)", "lbs/hr", "Btu/Hr", "Lbs/Hr" or kg/hr. These are the units that describe the boiler capacity (boiler power, boiler heat), there is an equivalent relationship or a comparison relationship between them.BF6Horizontal boiler

  The industrial and commercial production of hot water boilers commonly used "megawatt", "kilowatt" units to represent the boiler power parameter unit, steam boilers commonly used "ton of steam per hour" to indicate. The capacity parameter units in the international boiler industry are generally expressed in terms of “megawatts, kilowatts”. When using kilowatts to describe the steam boiler capacity, there are generally Steam Output = 1 TPH, or 700 kW.BF6Horizontal boiler

  These are the typical measures for boiler capacity: A capacity of 1 Boiler Horsepower = 34.5 Lbs/Hr steam output = 15.65 Kg/Hr Steam output = 33,479 Btu/Hr heat output = 9.81 kW heat outputBF6Horizontal boiler

  A kilowatt (kW) is a decimal multiple of the derived unit of power in the International System of Units (SI) watt, which is defined as one joule per second. Power measures the rate of energy conversion or the rate at which work is done.BF6Horizontal boiler

  ZBG produces more than 200 kinds of products, providing 1-440 tons of boiler equipment for various customers. ZBG's products have been sold all over the world. Customers in different regions have different boilers to express their boiler capacity. We are able to provide customers with boiler capacity selection services.BF6Horizontal boiler

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