What is the difference between a steam boiler and a hot water boiler?

   Both the hot water boiler and the steam boiler use water as the working medium. The biggest difference between the two is that the latter produces steam, and the former produces hot water.J2JHorizontal boiler

  Because of its low working pressure and no need for water level supervision and control, hot water boilers are simple in structure, convenient in operation and maintenance, and easy to manufacture. However, there are some special problems in its work: it must ensure that the boiler hot water is not vaporized to avoid water hammer; the internal oxygen corrosion and external acid corrosion of the low temperature heating surface are more serious; when the power is suddenly cut off, the water in the pot does not flow and vaporization occurs . These problems have been considered and solved in the structural design, manufacture and operation of hot water boilers by ZBG.J2JHorizontal boiler

What is the difference between a steam boiler and a hot water boiler?J2JHorizontal boiler

  Hot water boilers are generally used for heating and hot water supply, such as bathing centers, swimming pools, residential areas, greenhouse, etc. It is even necessary to say that as long as it is a place where heating is required, hot water boilers are required. Our largest tonnage hot water boiler is a 160 ton (116 mw) circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler. Steam boilers are mainly used in chemical, building materials, textile and other industrial industries for the production of steam. Of course, it can also be heated, but it is generally the case where the production workshops and industrial parks are heated by the way, which is a case of cogeneration.J2JHorizontal boiler

  Hot water as a heat medium has the following advantages

  1. The hot water boiler generally has a lower temperature of the heat medium, a larger temperature difference from the flue gas, and a relatively lower exhaust gas temperature of the boiler, so that the boiler efficiency is higher;J2JHorizontal boiler

  2. The closed hot water system has a small amount of recharge water, and the sewage discharge rate is much smaller than that of the steam boiler, and the water waste is also small. And the boiler water quality requirements are lower, and the water treatment cost is less;J2JHorizontal boiler

  3. The specific heat capacity of water is large, the hot water capacity in the system is large, and the heat storage capacity is strong. When the thermal or hydraulic conditions fail in a short period of time, the fluctuation of the heating condition is not obviously caused;J2JHorizontal boiler

  4. The hot water heating system can be transported by long-distance pump with small heat loss and large heating radius, which can meet the requirements of urban central heating planning. The main disadvantage of hot water as heat medium is that the temperature is lower, the heat transfer coefficient is smaller, and the heat energy utilization rate is lower.J2JHorizontal boiler

  The main advantages of steam boilers

  1. Low cost and wide adaptability, which can meet the heat requirements of many users who have different requirements for pressure and temperature.J2JHorizontal boiler

  2. Non-toxic, can directly heat food, etc., even if there is a leak, it will not cause harm to the environment;J2JHorizontal boiler

  3. The steam temperature is higher, the latent heat of vaporization is large, and the relative hot water can reduce the heat exchange area of ​​the equipment and reduce the cost;J2JHorizontal boiler

  4. The heat inertia is small, the heat is fast when steam is supplied, and it is cold when it stops steaming. Steam heat medium is difficult to recycle due to condensed water, resulting in waste of latent heat and water resources. Even if there is a condensate recovery device, it is easy to cause damage to the boiler during the condensed water recovery process because the water easily dissolves impurities such as oxygen. Impurities such as oxygen and salt in the feed water may cause problems such as scaling and corrosion of the boiler, affecting the safety and energy saving of the boiler.J2JHorizontal boiler

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