Combined heat and power (CHP) introduction

Cogeneration, refers to the heat and power plant in the same joint together, shorted as CHP (combined heat and power). CHP plants have been ordinary waste heat to be utilized to provide cheap heating heat for industrial and household use, which can greatly improve the thermal efficiency. Typically thermal power, its efficiency is about 30 to 35%. This means that for every 1 mega-joule energy output, there are two mega-joules of heat wasted. This part of the heat of re-used to heat water, fully meet the heating needs of the plant and the residential area near the plant. CHP usually drive a steam turbine generator, and the exhaust heat is used to complement the existing boiler plant, the total efficiency of up to 80%.V62Horizontal boiler

combined heat and power(chp)V62Horizontal boiler

After the burning of coal power plants in general, only to produce a product, that is electricity. In the power generation process, a lot of heat is taken away by circulating water, and simply released into the atmosphere. Energy efficiency of thermal power plants is only about 35%. The thermal power plant is part of the power generation process will be conveyed through the heat pipe to millions of households, thus burning the same amount of the same, the same quality of coal, thermal power plants can not only provide electricity, but also provide steam for industrial production and residential heating with hot water. The thermal efficiency of thermal power plants are generally above 45%.Generally, waste heat recovery boiler are widely using for combined heat and power.V62Horizontal boiler

Further more, since the large capacity of power plant boiler, good dust effect, chimney height, except nitrate furnace desulfurization can achieve, compared to small boilers, thermal power plants, and its environmental and social benefits enormous. Preliminary estimates, China's current cogeneration energy savings of 30 million tons of standard coal per year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 6,500 tons, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions 600,000 tons, reducing emissions of 13 million tons of ash.V62Horizontal boiler

Cogeneration is the production of both electricity and heat production of advanced forms of energy use, compared with the thermoelectric separate generation has many advantages: V62Horizontal boiler
First, reduce energy consumption, V62Horizontal boiler
Second, to improve the air quality, V62Horizontal boiler
Third, supplemental power supply, V62Horizontal boiler
Fourth, saving urban land, V62Horizontal boiler
Fifth, improve the heating quality, V62Horizontal boiler
Sixth, facilitate utilization, V62Horizontal boiler
Seventh, improve the city's image V62Horizontal boiler
Eighth, reducing accidents. V62Horizontal boiler
CHP has many advantages, so countries around the world are seeking to develop,and the biomass cogeneration plant is the best choose for industries to get heat and power. World cogeneration development presents many of the trends, take advantage of these trends to plan cities cogeneration development is needed.V62Horizontal boiler

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