coal water tube boiler manufacturer

   ZBG has a wealth of experience in the manufacture of coal-fired water tube boilers, capable of producing boilers that meet the needs of different customers.jvXHorizontal boiler

coal water tube boilerjvXHorizontal boiler

  The coal-fired water tube steam boiler water flows in the tube, and by absorbing heat, the water temperature is continuously increased to produce steam.jvXHorizontal boiler

  By the time the flue gas exits the boiler most of the energy in the coal will be transferred to the water in the boiler. In this way, energy conversion is achieved, and the steam generated by the boiler can be used for heating, disinfection, humidification, workmanship and the like. The hot water produced by the boiler can be used for heating, bathing and other purposes.jvXHorizontal boiler

  Type of coal-fired boiler produced by ZBGjvXHorizontal boiler

coal water tube boilerjvXHorizontal boiler

  1. szl series coal-fired water tube boiler

  SZL type boiler is a kind of double-drum longitudinal chain grate steam boiler, it has high thermal efficiency of heating change convection layout, water cycle system is reasonable, water capacity and steam space is large, and has high steam quality.jvXHorizontal boiler

  2. corner tube coal-fired boiler

  The corner tube coal-fired boiler adopts a flag-type heating surface structure, and a flag type convection heating surface is arranged in the flue. It consists of a vertical flagpole, that is, a channel wall of the channel behind the channel and a flag surface composed of a curved tube. The elbow and the flagpole A fully welded welded structure is adopted between the tubes, and an orifice plate is arranged in the flagpole to flow the water in the direction of the flag. And the boiler adopts a fully enclosed membrane water wall structure, and the flue gas is completely isolated from the outside world. Therefore, the furnace wall insulation only needs to use light insulation material, which greatly reduces the weight of the boiler.jvXHorizontal boiler

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A: We need know the details of coal water tube boiler manufacturer, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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