The uses of steam boiler

   Steam boilers are important thermal energy supply equipment in the national economy. Power, machinery, metallurgy, chemicals, textiles, paper, food, and other industries, as well as industrial and civil heating, require boilers to supply large amounts of heat.Lc2Horizontal boiler

The uses of steam boilerLc2Horizontal boiler

  The main parameters of a steam boiler are the amount of steam produced and the pressure and temperature of the steam. Depending on the nature of the steam, boilers are used in a wide range of applications.Lc2Horizontal boiler

  1. Saturated steam boiler

  The temperature and pressure of saturated steam are one-to-one, and saturated steam contains a lot of heat. This makes steam boilers an excellent heat source device for heating, disinfection, humidification and cleaning.Lc2Horizontal boiler

  2. Superheated steam boiler

  Superheated steam will have more heat than saturated steam, but superheated steam will be very slow. Saturated steam boilers are mostly used for power generation.Lc2Horizontal boiler

  3. Applications and Function of Boiler

  Through the heat exchanger, the heat of the steam is exchanged for water, the water is heated, and then it can be used for heating, bathing, production, and the like.Lc2Horizontal boiler

  The food processing, medical industry, and bottled cans are used for disinfection. The food industry can be used as steamed meat and meals. Winemaking also uses steam.Lc2Horizontal boiler

  In the petrochemical industry, steam can heat oil and increase liquidity.Lc2Horizontal boiler

  Production companies use steam more widely, such as wood for furniture to be dried with steam.Lc2Horizontal boiler

  In the building materials industry, aerated bricks must be steamed for drying, and (bridges, railways) concrete maintenance requires steam.Lc2Horizontal boiler

  Steam boilers are also used to generate electricity and are one of the core equipment of power plants.Lc2Horizontal boiler

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