Steam boiler for wood processing

   Steam boiler plays a very important role in the manufacturing industry and is usually used as heat source or power equipment. For example, in the wood processing industry, steam boilers produce high temperature and high pressure steam for different processes of production.YdDHorizontal boiler

Steam boilerYdDHorizontal boiler

  Wood processing is based on wood, mainly processed by mechanical or chemical methods, and its products still retain the basic characteristics of wood. The timber industry plays a very important role in the national economy due to low energy consumption, low pollution and renewable resources. The products have been developed from various sawn timbers such as poles, pits, sleepers, etc., to finished products such as plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, etc., so that the timber industry forms an independent industry.YdDHorizontal boiler

Steam boiler for wood processingYdDHorizontal boiler

  Wood drying is a very important part of wood processing. It is mainly to make various woods dry and dehydrate quickly, and at the same time achieve the purpose of thorough sterilization and insecticide. The wood drying process generally uses steam as a heat source, air or humid air as a heat transfer medium, and uses a heat exchange process of convective heat transfer to dry the wood. In addition, steam boilers have many other important functions in wood processing.YdDHorizontal boiler

  Disinfect: To cleanse of infections and destroy demarkYdDHorizontal boiler

  Extraction: Extraction in chemistry is a separation process consisting of the separation of a substance from a matrix.YdDHorizontal boiler

  Hot pressing process: Plywood and fiberboard are produced by hot pressing process. After hot pressing, plywood and fiberboard are integrated.YdDHorizontal boiler

  Curing: Curing Also involve drying by addition of certain salts for toughening and hardening of PlanksYdDHorizontal boiler

  Sterilizing: Refers to the elimination of fungus, bacteria, spores by the method of dry heating.YdDHorizontal boiler

  Mothproof: Chemical treatment so as to repel wood moth that can spoil the wood.YdDHorizontal boiler

  Coking: To convert wood into coke which is used as fuel.YdDHorizontal boiler

  Degrease: To remove grease or oil from the surface to give a matt finish.YdDHorizontal boiler

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