steam boiler for the tobacco industry

   Many countries and regions such as China and Russia are major producers and consumers of the tobacco industry. As far as tobacco manufacturing and management are concerned, there is an increasing demand for equipment and technology in the tobacco industry. In the process of tobacco production, steam boilers are an essential equipment. The tobacco company need to effectively improve the efficiency of boilers, and the production efficiency of tobacco will be further improved. But what role does a steam boiler play in tobacco production?AifHorizontal boiler

steam boiler for the tobacco industryAifHorizontal boiler

  The function of steam boiler in the tobacco industry

  In the modern sense of cigarette products, the production process is generally carried out through the production process of seven major items: tobacco roasting, roasting, tobacco fermentation, cigarette formula, cigarette making, cigarette making, and cigarette packaging. Flow to the hands of consumers. In the cigarette industry, steam is mainly used in the following two aspects: First, the production process, including the vacuum reflow machine of the silk production line, the loze machine, the flavoring feeder, the water washing stem machine, the tobacco expander, the stem expander, and the thin plate. Drying machine, high-speed airflow wire expander, etc.; second, indoor environmental temperature and humidity control, including production workshop, warehouse central air conditioning system, and office and living area winter heating system.AifHorizontal boiler

  Steam boilers in the tobacco industry are primarily used to provide sufficient steam to the tobacco plant and to be responsible for the thermal energy required by all equipment within the tobacco plant. As we all know, smoking produces a lot of carcinogens, tar is one of the main harmful substances. In order to achieve defocusing and harm reduction, tobacco flakes have become the mainstream process of tobacco production, and steam boilers play an important role in this process. Tobacco leaf baking is a process that consumes a lot of heat. Steam is piped to the barn to release heat. Re-baking of tobacco leaves requires a large amount of steam in the production process to meet the process requirements of re-moisture and drying of tobacco leaves. In the process of filter rod production, cigarette carton compounding, drying, etc., a large amount of steam is also required. It can be seen that steam boilers, which provide steam, play a huge role in the tobacco industry.AifHorizontal boiler

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