Palm shell steam boiler for palm oil plant

Palm shell steam boiler for palm oil plantQngHorizontal boiler

Palm Kernel Shell boilerQngHorizontal boiler

Palm shell steam boiler is to use palm waste as fuel, specifically for palm oil plant with steam generated by heating and power plant for palm oil needs. According to palm oil plant needs, ZG supply 2-150 ton palm shell biomass boiler and power plant boiler for palm fruit sterilization and power.QngHorizontal boiler

Palm Kernel Shells(PKS) has a very low ash and sulphur contents:QngHorizontal boiler

» Ash content (typical abt 3% weight – ASTM D3174-02)QngHorizontal boiler
» Sulphur content (typical abt 0,09% weight – ASTM D4239 – 02)QngHorizontal boiler

Palm shell steam boiler for sale in Southeast Asia.

Biomass residue from palm oil industries are attractive renewable energy fuel in Southeast Asia. The abundance of these biomass resources is increasing with the fast development of palm oil industries in Malaysia, Indonesia Thailand and Nigeria, Colombia.Sawit Sumbermas Sarana (SSMS) Ltd. plans to in the next three years building more three palm plant in Indonesia. The above measures to improve the production of palm oil companies. Every palm oil company need boiler, and palm shell waste boiler is best choice to reduce cost and environmental.Palm kernel shell is a well known biomass product because of it small in size and high in heat energy or calorific value. Palm kernel is kernel from oil palm fruit. QngHorizontal boiler
During the combustion of palm shell heat generated is higher than ordinary biomass fuel, and its chemical properties to reduce low greenhouse gas emissions. Palm shell steam boiler is mainly used in power plants, cement plants, food plants, palm oil plant, electroplating factories, printing and dyeing, as an energy-saving and environmentally friendly fuels.QngHorizontal boiler

Palm Shell biomass BoilerQngHorizontal boiler

Palm shell power plant boilerQngHorizontal boiler

The Cases of Palm kernel shell steam boiler in the world

In 2005 Malaysian French companies - Lafarge company uses palm shell(PKS) as fuel with coal combustion, providing heat for cement production.QngHorizontal boiler

In 2009 British Teeside company began designing biomass power plant with palm shells as fuel generation capacity 49 MW.QngHorizontal boiler

In Japan Summit Energy have many different energy power plants, and now 70% of the energy comes from burning palm shell, an annual reduction of 80,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.QngHorizontal boiler

In past two years, ZG boiler research has made great progress about palm shell waste boilers, currently more than one palm shell fired chain grate boiler are working well at home and abroad. If you are interested in understanding palm shell steam boiler and hot water boilers, please contact our online customer service, we will send the details to you as soon as possible.QngHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Palm shell steam boiler for palm oil plant?

A: We need know the details of Palm shell steam boiler for palm oil plant, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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