industrial steam boiler for processing soybean products

   Many industrial facilities in the food sector are currently using different industrial steam boilers as heating source. Typical examples are milk processing plants which require steam for drying milk powder, animal feed plants which need steam for conditioning of feed pellets, soybean product production requires steam for raw material disinfection and cooking or mushroom farms which require steam for sterilization of their sheds.zhJHorizontal boiler

industrial steam boiler for processing soybean productszhJHorizontal boiler

  The value created by beans is still dominated by the processing of common soy products, mainly in the production of tofu, dried beans and so on. Nowadays, the bean processing equipment has effectively solved the soy bean process, the refining process, the pressing process, and the halogenations process, so that the soy product production process has realized the standardized control of the assembly line from beginning to end. It has greatly reduced the influence of human experience control on product quality, greatly reduced the labor intensity of employees, and achieved environmental protection and energy conservation.zhJHorizontal boiler

  The role of industrial steam boilers in the processing of soy products

  Steam is used in the fermentation and cooking of soy products. In soy product manufacturing enterprises, the steam sector mainly has production workshops (including raw material processing, batching, thermal processing, fermentation, sterilization, etc.). In various scales of soybean processing enterprises, various industrial steam boilers are mainly used to supply industrial steam. As energy costs continue to rise, many companies are adopting more energy efficient machinery. They will make a precise statistics on the steam metering of the workshop and choose the right boiler equipment to better control costs and accounting costs.zhJHorizontal boiler

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