Development history of oil and gas boilers

   Oil and gas boilers appeared late, and oil was first used in boilers in the 1930s, when it was used as an auxiliary fuel in coal-fired chain grate boilers. Due to the poor quality of the combustion technology and the fuel at the time, accidents in which the fuel suddenly extinguished during combustion often occurred, and thus were not actually used.APrHorizontal boiler

Development history of oil and gas boilersAPrHorizontal boiler

  Around the 1940s, the war promoted the development of technology, and in the case of urgent military and economic needs, led to the development and successful application of marine oil-fired boilers.APrHorizontal boiler

  In the 1950s, the developed industrial economy of the West turned from post-war recovery to a period of comprehensive development. At that time, oil-fired boilers had obvious advantages over coal-fired boilers in terms of investment and operating costs, which provided development conditions for oil-fired boilers.APrHorizontal boiler

  In the two oil crises of the 1970s, natural gas was used as a fuel for boilers.APrHorizontal boiler

Automatic Control wns oil and gas Boilers For HotelAPrHorizontal boiler

  By the early 1990s, fuel-fired industrial boilers with a certain degree of technological development had a high market share in the boiler market.APrHorizontal boiler

  The oil and gas boilers produced by ZG boiler have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and are very popular boiler types in the domestic and foreign markets. Among them, wns and szs oil and gas boilers play a role in hotels, food factories, schools, hospitals and other places.APrHorizontal boiler

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