Advantages of water tube boiler

 According to the condition of the flow of flue gas in the boiler, the boiler can be divided into a water tube boiler, a shell boiler (fire tube boiler), and a water fire tube combined boiler. The water tube boiler refers to an industrial boiler in which water and steam flow in the tube. The combustion chamber and the heating surface are arranged outside the drum, and the structure of the water tube boiler is complicated. Because of the characteristics of the water tube boiler, the water tube boiler is generally a boiler with a higher parameter.G5qHorizontal boiler

6 tph natural gas fired steam boiler for food industryG5qHorizontal boiler

Water tube boiler advantages:

1. The cross section of the water tube boiler tube is smaller than the outside of the tube, so the steam flow rate is greatly increased, and the steam generated on the heated surface can be washed away, which increases the heat absorption rate of the pot water.G5qHorizontal boiler

2. The diameter of the water tube boiler is small, and the pot water capacity is small. Once an accident occurs, the disaster is lighter.G5qHorizontal boiler

3. The boiler steam water system is complex, the water circulation is good, the evaporation efficiency is high, and the thermal efficiency is high.G5qHorizontal boiler

ZG boiler produces various types of water tube boilers, including coal-fired boilers, oil and gas boilers, and biomass boilers. The boiler has excellent performance and strict design. Such as the oil and gas tube boiler produced by ZG boiler, the boiler capacity ranges from 6 to 35 tons, providing high steam quality, strong load adaptability, no noise and environmental protection.G5qHorizontal boiler

szl chain grate biomass boiler15.jpgG5qHorizontal boiler

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