15 ton horizontal steam boiler for paper mill rice mill food factory

   WNS series oil and gas steam boiler is horizontal fire tube boiler that adopts wet back full automatic three-pass structure. ZBG wns series boiler normally suitable for 1000kg to 20 ton/h capacity, use all kinds of gas and oil fuels, such as natural gas, lpg, city coal gas, biogas, diesel oil, heavy oil. Our SZS series oil/gas boiler is a water tube boiler. This boiler can generate steam at a pressure varying from 10 bar to 38.2 bar. It can generate steam at the rate from 2000 Kg/hr to 90,000 Kg/hr. SZL series horizontal chain grate boiler is a water tube boiler. The fuel is fed through the fire hole and it burns on the grate. The boiler in structural design, relative to the larger space of the traditional boiler hearth, while the layout of a secondary air, a reasonable composition of the aerodynamic field, to ensure that flue gas in the furnace residence time to avoid the tiny carbon particles are taken out of the furnace, So that a large number of volatile components precipitated instantly burning biomass fuel combustion.vHEHorizontal boiler

15 ton horizontal steam boilervHEHorizontal boiler

  15 ton horizontal steam boiler application

  Rice Mills IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Paper IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Food Processing IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Milk & Dairies IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Textile IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Pharmaceuticals IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Rubber IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Plywood IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Metal Forging IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Health Care IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Chemical IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Automobiles IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Construction IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

  Refineries & DistilleriesvHEHorizontal boiler

  Sugar IndustryvHEHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of 15 ton horizontal steam boiler for paper mill rice mill food factory?

A: We need know the details of 15 ton horizontal steam boiler for paper mill rice mill food factory, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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