Advantages of gas-fired boiler

   More and more companies are paying more attention to the environmental performance of boilers when purchasing boilers. They are turning their eyes from traditional coal-fired boilers to gas-fired boiler. Gas-fired boiler has been more and more widely used in all parts of the country for its environmental protection and energy saving, especially in the gas-fired boiler room for central heating.kgsHorizontal boiler

  Gas boilers are ideal alternatives to coal-fired boilers. Although the thermal efficiency of oil-fired boilers is relatively high, the pollution of exhaust fumes to the atmosphere is much greater than that of gas-fired boilers, and there are also problems related to oil transportation and storage in oil-fired boilers, which make them lose the advantages of long-term development. Compared with coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers have obvious advantages:kgsHorizontal boiler

Advantages of gas-fired boilerkgsHorizontal boiler

  First, because the ash, sulfur and nitrogen content in the gas are lower than those in coal, the amount of dust in the flue gas produced after combustion is very small, and the flue gas discharged can easily meet the national standards for combustion equipment. The use of gas-fired boilers can greatly reduce environmental pollution.kgsHorizontal boiler

  Second, the furnace volume heat intensity of gas-fired boilers is relatively high. Because of the small pollution of flue gas, the convection tube bundles are not corroded and slagging, and the heat transfer effect is good. The radiation ability of the large amount of triatomic gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.) produced by gas combustion is strong, and the exhaust temperature is low, which makes its thermal efficiency significantly improved.kgsHorizontal boiler

  Gas-fired boilers can choose higher furnace heat load to reduce furnace volume. Because there are no problems such as contamination, slagging and abrasion of heating surface, high smoke velocity can be chosen to reduce the size of convective heating surface.kgsHorizontal boiler

  Gas-fired boilers have strong adaptability to heating load and flexible regulation in the system.kgsHorizontal boiler

  The combustion system of gas-fired boilers is simple, so there are few items that need to be repaired and maintained.kgsHorizontal boiler

  Gas-fired boilers use clean fuels, which are conducive to the protection of the atmospheric environment in urban areas. Although the present situation of gas market has some limitations on the development of gas-fired boilers in some aspects. But in the long run, using gas boiler heating will be the trend of heating industry in the future.kgsHorizontal boiler

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