Why nozzle of the boiler burner drips oil?

Burner nozzle drips oil is not necessarily because the nozzle, but in any case, drip issues must be resolved, otherwise not only waste energy but pollute the environment.bezHorizontal boiler

First, drip oil when boiler just begins working

If the oil pressure is too low when the boiler just begin working, it will make the oil flow from the nozzle, rather than spray out. The reason for low oil pressure is usually due to the solenoid valve or hydraulic valve has been closed by contamination or invalidation.bezHorizontal boiler

Oil fired steam boilerbezHorizontal boiler

Oil fired steam boiler in boiler factorybezHorizontal boiler

Second, drip oil when boiler working

The possible reasons of dripping oil when boiler working: the nozzle installation position is too far from the combustion head; ignition electrode position is improper, and put into the fog oil; the nozzle and anchor install connection is not tight, but pay attention not too strong while installation; nozzle dirty or damaged, cleaning nozzle or change it; oil pressure is too low.bezHorizontal boiler

Third, drip while stop working

The possible reasons are: air in the pipe between the oil pump and the nozzle; hydraulic valve or solenoid valve is dirty or invalidation.bezHorizontal boiler

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