5 ton natural gas steam boiler for a tea factory

  Project: 5 ton natural gas steam boiler for a tea factoryzTHHorizontal boiler

  Product: 5 ton WNS series natural gas steam boilerzTHHorizontal boiler

  Project site: MalaysiazTHHorizontal boiler

  Application field: tea factoryzTHHorizontal boiler

  Last year, ZBG provided a 5 ton natural gas steam boiler for a tea factory. With the pursuit of modern people's healthy life, the behavior of tea is spreading more and more widely. Of course, tea is better first, and the processing of tea is very demanding. ZBG steam boiler can bring help to enterprises in the process of tea greening, drying and packaging. ZBG has cooperated with many tea enterprises.zTHHorizontal boiler

5 ton natural gas steam boiler for a tea factoryzTHHorizontal boiler

  The details of 5 ton natural gas steam boiler for a tea factory

  1. model WNS series gas steam boilerzTHHorizontal boiler

  2. evaporating capacity 5 t/hzTHHorizontal boiler

  3. steam pressure 1 MPazTHHorizontal boiler

  4. steam temperature 184 ℃zTHHorizontal boiler

  5. feed-water temperature 20 ℃zTHHorizontal boiler

  6. fuel design natural gaszTHHorizontal boiler

  7. thermal efficiency: 96.7%zTHHorizontal boiler

  The 5 ton natural gas boiler used in the tea factory is the wns series oil and gas fire tube boiler. It has long been known that where a supply of steam is required for process work in any industry. In the tea industry, the 5 ton wns series natural gas steam boiler is used for heating the air required for the tea dryers and withering lofts. WNS series oil gas steam boiler is horizontal fire tube boiler. The boiler has steady temperature and high coefficient of heat transfer. And adopts specially designed combustion chamber for a better combustion efficiency. Advanced burner and proper sizing of furnace to minimize nitrogen oxides and other contaminants from forming during the combustion process. Electric control cabinet contains some buttons of burner, feed-water pump etc.zTHHorizontal boiler

  Natural gas steam boilers require professional guidance and strict operation according to the instructions before and during operation. The maintenance of natural gas boilers can also directly determine the stability of the service life and performance of the equipment. When purchasing a gas boiler, it is a very important link to consult the price of the gas boiler, which directly affects the user's purchasing choice. If you want to know the price of a 5 ton natural gas tea factory boiler, you can get in touch with us.zTHHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of 5 ton natural gas steam boiler for a tea factory?

A: We need know the details of 5 ton natural gas steam boiler for a tea factory, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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