3500hp high pressure gas steam boiler

   ZBG 3500hp high pressure gas steam boiler is our 45.5 ton SZS series high pressure oil and gas steam boiler. The boiler pressure is up to 38.2 bar. This series of products is a typical double-drum longitudinal "D" type package water tube boiler. It consists of upper and lower drums, membrane water wall, superheater, convection tube bundle and economizer. The burner is arranged on the front wall. After the fuel is burned in the furnace, the flue gas is radiated by heat exchange, superheater, convection tube bundle and province. The coal is discharged into the chimney.xtfHorizontal boiler

  3500hp high pressure gas steam boiler features

  3500hp high pressure gas steam boiler can be equipped with dual fuel burners and low NOx burners according to customers needs. The gas steam boilers generate either saturated or superheated steam to drive a steam turbine or for process use. The outer wall is formed from membrane wall tubes. Upper cylindrical steam drum with drum internals for separating water from the steam. Lower cylindrical water drum. Architecture in all steel structure, boiler heating surface, the furnace walls, platforms and other weight are directly supported on the bottom of the steel frame. The stressed body of the boiler is in good stress condition. The important pressure components such as the drum are not directly irradiated and washed by the high temperature flame. The pressure components are flexible, and the thermal stress is small, achieving a higher safety margin.xtfHorizontal boiler

3500hp high pressure gas steam boilerxtfHorizontal boiler

  3500hp SZS series oil gas steam boiler parameters

  Rated evaporation: 3500hp (45.5 ton/hr)xtfHorizontal boiler

  Rated steam temperature: ≤450 ℃xtfHorizontal boiler

  Rated steam pressure: ≤3.82 MPaxtfHorizontal boiler

  Water-feeding temperature: 104 ℃xtfHorizontal boiler

  Boiler efficiency: ≥96%xtfHorizontal boiler

  Fume temperature: 65℃xtfHorizontal boiler

  The whole hydrostatic test pressure of boiler: 2.75MPaxtfHorizontal boiler

  The work condition of boiler stable operation: 50~100%xtfHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of 3500hp high pressure gas steam boiler?

A: We need know the details of 3500hp high pressure gas steam boiler, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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