2 tons capacity steam boiler for fishery industry

2 tons capacity steam boiler for fishery industry are widely used in some country and areas. Most of our fishery industry customer bought the small scale steam boilers for their fishery industry productions to get high temperature steam and hot water.ZHjHorizontal boiler

2 ton steam boiler for fishery industryZHjHorizontal boiler

steam boiler for fishery industry-chain grate boilerZHjHorizontal boiler

oil gas steam boiler for fishing processingZHjHorizontal boiler

oil gas steam boiler for fishing processing-small small boilers with oil gas firedZHjHorizontal boiler

Fishery industry status

With the rapid development to strengthen fisheries management, fisheries resources survey and monitoring, fisheries aquaculture, new resource development, high value-added processing of aquatic products and other high-tech, sustainable development and utilization of fishery resources and to protect the fisheries environment and biodiversity, It has become the consensus of the world's fisheries powers as well as steam boiler capacity 2 tons will be a indispensable for fish processing industry.ZHjHorizontal boiler

fish industry status_副本.jpgZHjHorizontal boiler

Fish processing status in one countryZHjHorizontal boiler

Steam boiler applications range:

Except using coal fired steam boiler for fish processing. But also using in textile industry, paper mill, chemical as well as for central heating, like school, hotel, hospital, restaurant etc. Steam boiler in textile industry are widely being used, In India, the local people call it textile boilers.ZHjHorizontal boiler

ZG boiler exported area:

The fish processing boiler has been exported to: Philippines, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore; Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Afghan; Suriname, Yemen, Peru, Cameroon, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Bolivia, Benin, Algeria, Jordan, Guinea, Ghana, Mauritius, Ecuador, Albania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Armenia, etc. More information about steam boiler price list, contact us with below form.ZHjHorizontal boiler

 ZHjHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of 2 tons capacity steam boiler for fishery industry?

A: We need know the details of 2 tons capacity steam boiler for fishery industry, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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