2 mw gas hot water boiler for heating in Singapore

  A 2 MW gas-fired hot water boiler can supply heat for 30,000 square meters. A customer in Singapore asked us about a gas fired heating boiler. Through communication, we learned that customers need a 2 mw gas hot water boiler for heating. The customer is a manufacturing company that needs a gas hot water boiler for heating the entire plant area (including production workshops, staff quarters, office buildings, staff restaurants). We provide customers with a 2mw wns series of gas hot water boilers after known the customer's heating index, heating area, building materials, floors and other information.dLgHorizontal boiler

  The rated thermal power of this 2mw WNS series gas hot water boiler is 2mw, which means that about 2.72 million kcal can be produced in the rated state of the boiler per hour. The boiler is suitable for various gas fuels and is a hot and efficient environmentally friendly boiler. The ZBG 2mw gas hot water boiler is a pressurized hot water boiler. The rated working pressure of the boiler is 1.0Mpa. The rated outlet temperature and rated return water temperature of the boiler are 95°C and 70°C respectively.dLgHorizontal boiler

2 mw gas hot water boiler for heating in SingaporedLgHorizontal boiler

  WNS series oil and gas boilers are fire-tube, horizontal type boilers with natural circulation of boiler water for the combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels. We can supply boiler body, the respective fittings, boiler valves and instruments and gauges. Upon the client’s request, the boiler can be equipped with a feed pump and feed water control.dLgHorizontal boiler

  The boilers are fitted with economizer and condenser, thus increasing the boiler efficiency by 2 to 4 %. For environmental protection, the WNS series gas boiler has been achieve low levels of emission of NOx (oxides of nitrogen) and high levels of combustion efficiency. The advanced touch screen PLC control system is selected, which has the functions of timing control, work record, leak detection alarm, pressure protection, temperature control, water shortage protection, etc., and can add factory time lock, and can reserve the communication interface of the upper computer to realize integrated control. This type of boiler is also widely used in schools, hotels, bathrooms and other enterprises to provide heating and domestic hot water.dLgHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of 2 mw gas hot water boiler for heating in Singapore?

A: We need know the details of 2 mw gas hot water boiler for heating in Singapore, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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