25 ton oil steam boiler in Israel

25 ton oil steam boiler in IsraelfxQHorizontal boiler

  product: 25 ton szs series oil steam boilerfxQHorizontal boiler

  project address: IsraelfxQHorizontal boiler

  Application areas: chemical companyfxQHorizontal boiler

  Project Description

  In March 2018, ZBG’s international trade team sent good news. The company successfully cooperated again with a chemical company in Israel and held a signing ceremony at the ZBG headquarters. We supply this company with a 25 ton oil-fired steam boiler for industrial production.fxQHorizontal boiler

25 ton oil steam boiler in IsraelfxQHorizontal boiler

  Details of 25 ton oil steam boiler

  SZS oil fired steam boiler applies D layout, longitudinal arrangements are installed for upper and lower drums. Membrane wall pipe are at the both side of wall of right hearth, super-heater is located at the turn of furnace outlet, and economizer is installed at the tail. With pressure-fired combustion, high combustion efficiency, lower funnel temperature and high efficiency, only air blower equipped with, little power consumption, and lower running expenses. With large hearth, full combustion, and wide adaptability of fuel. Our SZS series oil and gas boilers offer innovative design maximizing efficiency. These Water Tube boilers incorporate a furnace with a large surface area to maximize thermal heat transfer. The boilers are designed and manufactured to an accepted standard in ASME under an ISO9000 quality management system. In addition, third party inspection, by a Department of Labor approved body, is also carried out to independently verify quality during the manufacturing process.fxQHorizontal boiler

  In the early project tracking, we have withstood the very strict company qualification review of this company and finally got the approval of the other party. The two sides have laid a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation and development in the future based on the principle of win-win cooperation. The successful signing of the contract has written an important sum in the company's overseas performance, opening up a new world for the company's overseas market. At the same time, the project is an export project for the company, which also laid a stronger foundation for the company to further explore the international market, especially the Israeli market.fxQHorizontal boiler

 fxQHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of 25 ton oil steam boiler in Israel?

A: We need know the details of 25 ton oil steam boiler in Israel, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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