Why and How to prevent industrial steam boiler explosion

There are always news about industrial horizontal boiler explosion accidents, high temperature and high pressure gas water mixture is very destructive when boiler explosion, which caused quite serious consequences such as death and property losses.KWZHorizontal boiler

1, furnace damage of steam boiler cause the explosionKWZHorizontal boiler

After the steam boiler long-term operation, with the continued corrosion and increased boiler furring, can lead to poor heat transfer of the boiler body resulting in boiler uneven heating and pressure capability becomes weaker. Also some irregular small manufacturers of the poor quality of the steam boiler on the welding quality problems, resulting in the generation of boiler explosion. Some bad quality steam boiler which have troubles in welding manufactured by little workshop might cause boiler explosion.KWZHorizontal boiler

Industrial steam boilerKWZHorizontal boiler

2, steam boiler pressure changes cause explosionKWZHorizontal boiler
Steam boiler has a rated working pressure, running over the rated pressure steam boiler becomes unsafe. If the relief valve and pressure gauge failed to work properly, it may cause the explosion of steam boilers.KWZHorizontal boiler

 wns gas oil boiler.jpgKWZHorizontal boiler

if the fuel in the steam boiler furnace reaches a certain concentration, it might cause explosion. Therefore, before starting a boiler, generally required to clean the furnace, some boiler is controlled automatically, and some require manual operation. If not properly clean, there is an explosion may occur within the furnace.KWZHorizontal boiler

We can prevent the explosion of industrial steam boilers? There are several ways for your reference:KWZHorizontal boiler

1, according to the correct procedure to operate boiler; KWZHorizontal boiler
2, regularly maintenance and inspect steam boilers;KWZHorizontal boiler
3, Recruiting excellent boiler operators;KWZHorizontal boiler
4,choose safe and reliable steam boiler manufacturers.KWZHorizontal boiler

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