10 Ton natural gas boiler for food factory

   Last year, a customer based in Australia contacted us through our website and told us that they are a food manufacturer and need a 10 ton natural gas boiler for food production. After many discussions between the two sides, we finally gave a 10-ton wns series natural gas boiler solution, which was approved by the other party and signed a contract in December last year.hbbHorizontal boiler

WNS series oil and gas boilerhbbHorizontal boiler

  The 10 ton wns series oil/gas boiler main standards and design parametershbbHorizontal boiler

  1. Evaporating capacity: 10 t/hhbbHorizontal boiler

  2. Steam pressure: 1 MPahbbHorizontal boiler

  3. Steam temperature: 184 ℃hbbHorizontal boiler

  4. Feed-water temperature: 104 ℃hbbHorizontal boiler

  5. Design efficiency: 92.8%hbbHorizontal boiler

  6. Design fuel: Oil, natural gashbbHorizontal boiler

  7. Fuel consumption 581.5 kg/h, 701.4 Nm3/hhbbHorizontal boiler

  8. Fume exhaust temperature 138.7℃/125.5℃hbbHorizontal boiler

  9. Ventilation system: balance ventilationhbbHorizontal boiler

  10. Hydraulic test pressure: 1.40MPahbbHorizontal boiler

  11. The transport size of large part: 3900×2030×2240 (mm)hbbHorizontal boiler

  12. Boiler safe steady working condition range: heat load 50%-100%hbbHorizontal boiler

  13. Excess air coefficient at exhaust port: 1.08hbbHorizontal boiler

  This wns series steam boiler produced by ZBG is a full-automatic, horizontal type, internally fired, three pass, packaged natural gas boiler. The perfect full-automatic control device and protect equipments are equipped to regulate the water level automatically and to warn or shutdown while the water level higher or lower the demand level. The steam pressure automatic control device warn at the time of overpressure. Automatic-ignition device, auto- adjusted burner fire and protection while flameout will guarantee the safe running of the boiler.hbbHorizontal boiler

  In the food industry, steam boilers produce certain quality steam for mechanical equipment disinfection, raw material sterilization, food cooking, etc. When a food company purchases a boiler, it not only needs to know its own needs, but also needs to know the knowledge of the boiler in order to purchase economically reliable boiler equipment.hbbHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of 10 Ton natural gas boiler for food factory?

A: We need know the details of 10 Ton natural gas boiler for food factory, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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