what is superheated steam boiler

  Superheated steam boiler

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  A superheated steam boiler is essentially a boiler plant that produces superheated steam. The most important application of superheated steam boilers is power generation, which is used to propel steam turbines.wMEHorizontal boiler

  What is superheated steam

  Superheated steam, is steam the temperature of which exceeds that of saturated steam at the same pressure. It is produced by the addition of heat to saturated steam. Superheated steam can not condense without being reduced to the temperature of saturated steam.wMEHorizontal boiler

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  The steam in the boiler evaporates in the presence of an aqueous phase, and the pressure of the steam increases as the temperature of the steam increases. In this dynamic equilibrium of evaporation and condensation of gas-liquid two phases, the steam is always saturated. When the water in the wet saturated steam is completely vaporized, it becomes dry saturated steam, and at this time, the steam temperature is still the boiling point temperature. If the heating is continued for the saturated steam, the steam temperature is raised and the boiling temperature is exceeded, and the steam obtained at this time is referred to as superheated steam. The steam produced by boilers in the thermoelectric industry is superheated steam. The superheated steam does not contain moisture, because the steam drives the blades of the steam turbine to rotate, generating power to drive the generator to generate electricity. The saturated steam contains moisture, which will damage the blades during high-speed operation of the turbine and cause an accident.wMEHorizontal boiler

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