what is chain grate boiler

  Grate firing has been the most commonly used firing method for combusting solid fuels in small and medium-sized furnaces since the beginning of the industrialization. Coal, waste and biomass fuels are usually burned in grate boiler. In the chain boiler, the coal is moved backward from the front of the grate, and the air from the bottom up to the furnace, and as the furnace is constantly moving backwards, the fire, combustion, burning and other stages occur in sequence. Traveling or chain grate stokers feed coal out onto a rotating metal belt that supports the fire. Solid fuel is fed from a hopper. Grate speed is automatically controlled to maintain desired steam pressure. Burning progresses as the belt moves from front to back of furnace. Combustion is essentially complete at the back end of belt, and ash is dumped off into an ash pit there.q2KHorizontal boiler

ZBG biomass/coal chain grate boilerq2KHorizontal boiler

  ZBG produces a variety of biomass coal-fired chain grate boilers, using advanced technology, excellent performance, has become a popular product at home and abroad.q2KHorizontal boiler

  1. The advantages of chain grate boilerq2KHorizontal boiler

  The operation of the boiler has been mechanized, which has reduced the labor intensity of the furnace workers. Most of the chain grate is a quick-loading furnace, which is convenient to install and move, and can save a lot of capital investment. Moreover, the boiler has less rotating equipment and simple fuel preparation.q2KHorizontal boiler

  2. The disadvantages of chain grate boilerq2KHorizontal boiler

  However, the chain grate boiler does not desulfurize in the furnace like the fluidized bed boiler, and the SOx in the flue gas causes pollution to the atmospheric environment. The boiler has poor fire conditions and poor adaptability of coal types. It is suitable for burning bituminous coal with low calorific value ≥17750J/Kg, volatile matter>38.5% and ash content ≤32.4%. Moreover, the furnace is burned at a high temperature, and a large amount of NOx is generated, which causes pollution to the environment.q2KHorizontal boiler

 q2KHorizontal boiler

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