What is boiler blowdown?

   The feed water entering the drum always has a certain salinity. After adding chemicals into the boiler, the scaling substance of the boiler water changes into water slag. In addition, some corrosion products will be produced when the boiler water corrodes metals. Therefore, there are various soluble and insoluble impurities in the boiler water. During the operation of the boiler, only a few of these impurities are taken away by steam, and most of them remain in the boiler water. With the continuous evaporation of the boiler water, the concentration of these impurities gradually increases. Excessive concentration of impurities in boiler water not only affects the quality of steam, but also causes scaling and corrosion of heating surface, which affects the safe operation of boiler. In order to control the quality of boiler water, it is necessary to deal with the boiler blowdown, to discharge part of the boiler water polluted by salt and slag, and to supplement it with clean water.yjsHorizontal boiler

  1. The Classification of boiler blowdown

  Continuous blowdown: continuous blowdown is to discharge some dissolved salt from the boiler water to maintain a certain salinity and alkalinity of the boiler water. This kind of blowdown is continuously discharged from the evaporating surface with the greatest salt concentration in the drum water, also known as surface blowdown.yjsHorizontal boiler

  Periodic blowdown: periodic blowdown is to discharge insoluble water slag from the boiler water, so it is discharged from the header under the water wall where the sediment accumulates most. Blowdown time is discontinuous, and the interval time and discharge volume should be determined by chemical personnel according to the requirements of soda quality.yjsHorizontal boiler

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