Water Tube boiler VS Fire Tube boiler

Difference between water tube boiler and fire tube boiler?

Water Tube Boiler  vs Fire Tube Boiler is comparison between two types boiler which is viewed from several aspects. Water tube and fire tube boiler is steam boiler classification which is categorized based on tube type.gQGHorizontal boiler

Water tube boiler:Boilers are made with a "tube - in - shell" construction, and the name implies what is in the tube. In a water tube boiler, the water circulates through the tubes, and the burner is usually under them. Most of the time, the "shell" of this style of boiler would not be watertight. Commonly water tube boiler is appropriate for significant gas streams going above enormous amounts of generated steam (lb/hr) and also can certainly manage high temperature and pressure of steam.gQGHorizontal boiler

 water tube boilergQGHorizontal boiler

Water Tube BoilergQGHorizontal boiler

Fire tube boiler: Fire tube boiler is appropriate for low pressure of steam, commonly under 500psig. A fire tube boiler has a watertight outer jacket with tubes through the center of it. The flame is shot through the tubes.gQGHorizontal boiler

 fire tube boilergQGHorizontal boiler

Fire Tube BoilergQGHorizontal boiler

Water Tube boiler vs Fire Tube Boiler can be seen in several aspects as below:gQGHorizontal boiler

Water Tube boiler vs Fire Tube Boiler
Item water tube boiler fire tube boiler
 Gas flow                              higher than 50.000 pounds/hour generally less than 50.000 pounds/hour
 Temperature of gas inlet         small to adiabatic firing small to adiabatic firing
Pressure of gas                        commonly under 2 psig commonly high up to 2100 psig
Water inventory                  low high
Location of sootblower           everywhere within boiler at exit boiler or inlet boiler
Multiple pressure of steam      yes no
Multiple modules        yes no
Heat flux- vapor area               fin tube and also bare tube commonly low
Heating surface form               fin tube and also bare tube bare tube
Combustion firing                   doable at exit boiler or inlet boiler
Superheater location             

everywhere in the gas waygQGHorizontal boiler

at exit boiler or inlet boiler

gQGHorizontal boiler

gQGHorizontal boiler

Superheater could be applied in the two boiler types. Within water tube boiler superheater might be positioned in an most effective area of gas temperature. A protect screen area or a huge convection area prefaces the superheater. Within fire tube boiler, it should be positioned at possibly the exit gas or inlet gas, generating the design fewer adaptable and weak to deterioration or slagging.gQGHorizontal boiler

When the discharged gas is concentrated naturally, the areas could be cleaned simply by employing retractable soot blowers. Generally, the kind of boiler to be utilized for a specific condition is established by the practical knowledge of the boiler maker. Occasionally a collaboration of water and fire tube boilers is applied to match exceptional demands. From explanation above comparison between Water Tube vs Fire Tube Boiler can be known.gQGHorizontal boiler

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