Waste heat recovery boiler in Uzbekistan

Waste heat recovery boiler is mainly using for chemical industry, building materials industry, Non-ferrous metallurgy industry, Iron and steel industry etc. We have one set of waste heat recovery boiler in Uzbekistan in the end of 2014. The details as below:93dHorizontal boiler

Equipment needed:Waste Heat Recovery Boiler93dHorizontal boiler
Number: 1 set93dHorizontal boiler
Application area: Textile industry, Mining industry93dHorizontal boiler
Application Site:Uzbekistan93dHorizontal boiler

waste heat recovery boiler in Uzbekistan93dHorizontal boiler

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Product introduction: According to the flue gas characteristic of different types of submerged arc furnace industry, ZG Boiler has developed avasite-silicon submerged arc furnace waste heat recovery boiler design, the manganese iron submerged arc furnace waste heat recovery boiler and ferrochrome submerged arc furnace waste heat recovery boiler, etc. This type of boiler are divided into horizontal and vertical according to the need of process system. It solved the problems of ash-cleaning and ash-blocking that plagued waste heat recovery boiler industry many years, which laid the foundation for the efficient operation of the boiler.93dHorizontal boiler

Uzbekistan background: Uzbekistan is a country rich in mineral resources, many important minerals is first in the world, especially the main raw material of iron and steel industry iron ore reserves are abundant in the country. Uzbekistan is one of the most rich countries in the global iron ore reserves.93dHorizontal boiler

submerged arc boiler to save the production cost and improve the utilization efficiency of resources.93dHorizontal boiler

Waste heat recovery boiler service by ZG boiler

ZG boiler provide waste heat recovery boiler efficiency calculation before ordered, and also will supply waste heat recovery boiler operation document for user. After the boiler arrived client place, we will send some of our engineer to your place to guide to build waste heat recovery boilers, training your workers to operate.93dHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Waste heat recovery boiler in Uzbekistan?

A: We need know the details of Waste heat recovery boiler in Uzbekistan, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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