Waste heat boiler in Malaysia

  ZG boiler 's export to Malaysia is a chemical three-waste mixed combustion waste heat boiler, which is a typical energy-saving equipment for the chemical recycling economy.The Malaysian government encourages processing industries based on domestic raw materials. In recent years, the manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. Malaysian manufacturing has developed rapidly. The petrochemical, rubber, food manufacturing, and steel industries have occupied important economic positions.aGJHorizontal boiler

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  This type of waste heat boiler is mainly composed of water cooling screen, superheater, convection tube bundle, economizer and air preheater etc.aGJHorizontal boiler

  The chemical three-waste mixed combustion waste heat boiler has the following features:

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  1. The reasonable heat speed design of each heating surface of the waste heat boiler will help prevent dust accumulation;aGJHorizontal boiler

  2. The waste heat boiler adopts a straight-through arrangement, which can use self-removal of ash by dust self-respect, can keep the heated surface clean and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler;aGJHorizontal boiler

  3. The waste heat boiler should organize the flue gas power field reasonably to make the flue gas flow smoothly and evenly to avoid biased flow. At the same time, a special anti-wear structure is used to help prevent boiler wear and increase the life of the boiler.aGJHorizontal boiler

  4. Reserve SCR denitrification space in the appropriate temperature range of the boiler to meet the environmental emission requirements of flue gas.aGJHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Waste heat boiler in Malaysia?

A: We need know the details of Waste heat boiler in Malaysia, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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