News! Thailand World sugar expo & conference 2016

World Sugar Expo 2016, Thailand held every year is one of the world’s largest specialized sugar and bioethanol technology event that brings together an international congregation of sugar companies and also its supporting industries gathered in the capital city of Bangkok, like sugar cane horizontal steam boiler manufacturer. Thailand to showcase the latest developments in the world sugar and bioethanol industry.DapHorizontal boiler

sugar-mill.jpgDapHorizontal boiler

Sugar millDapHorizontal boiler

Fireworks Exhibitions and Conferences which boasts of a proven track record in the South East Asia region for Agriculture events such as the World’s largest Palm Oil event, PALMEX Indonesia and other agriculture events such as PALMEX Thailand, PALMEX Malaysia, PALMEX Sarawak and Sugar Indonesia is the organizer of this massive international Sugar and Bioethanol technology event.DapHorizontal boiler

sugar cane boiler manufacturerDapHorizontal boiler

Sugar cange(bagasse) fired boilerDapHorizontal boiler

Some facts of the Sugar Industry In Thailand :

1.Thailand is Ranked #2 Largest Sugar Exporter In The World and #5 largest sugar Producer In The World.DapHorizontal boiler
2.The Thai Sugar Millers Corp executive chairman Vibul Panitvong said the cane harvest may total 103 million to 105 million metric tonnes, bringing sugar output to about 10.5 million to 10.7 million tonnes and therefore increasing Thailand's sugar export further.DapHorizontal boiler
3.Opportunities In The Thai Sugar Industry(invest for horizontal boiler)DapHorizontal boiler
4.Thai Sugar Companies Looking For Upgrades of Machinery and tractors.DapHorizontal boiler
5.Thai Sugar Farmers on the look out for latest harvesting tools and equipment. Including the latest planting methods, fertilizers and planting solutions.DapHorizontal boiler
6.Thai Sugar Mills Looking for parts and technology upgrades.DapHorizontal boiler
7.Thai Sugar Refineries looking for upgrades and maintenance solutions.DapHorizontal boiler
8.Thai Sugar companies exploring Biogas and Bioethanol technology potential.DapHorizontal boiler
9.Thai Sugar companies finding solutions for Wastewater treatment.DapHorizontal boiler

Sugar cane boiler manufacturer:

ZG provide bagasse fired boiler for sugar mill in Thailand with different boiler capacity, boiler cost, boiler pressure and so on. Welcome your visit us! Thanks for your attention.DapHorizontal boiler

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