SZS D type horizontal boilers manufacturer

D type horizontal boiler Brief IntroductionZG is a supplier and manufacturer of SZS d type horizontal boilers for 7 decades. SZS series D type horizontal boiler which is of double drum, longitudinal type, natural circulation, fast-assembling, oil or gas fired water pipe, quick fitting structure and delivered in complete set. This kind of horizontal boiler is with high thermal efficiency, reliable and safe operation, small volume, light in weight, short period of installation. Also it is with small thermal inertia, fast heating up, lifting pressure, and timely start / stop and stable combustion performance.KupHorizontal boiler

SZS D type horizontal boiler manufacturerKupHorizontal boiler

SZS D type horizontal boilersKupHorizontal boiler

D type horizontal boiler design:

SZS series of horizontal boiler are design by double drum, longitudinal type, full water pipe structure. It is consist of the upper and lower drum, convection bank and the left and right set of boxes. The total size are close-knit, and the external appearance is elegant and beautiful. It apply to com-bust under slightly negative pressure because the water screen of the horizontal boiler furnace is use of close-packed structure with perfect tightness.KupHorizontal boiler
KupHorizontal boiler
SZS series horizontal boiler is in D type arrangement, there is a burner in front of the furnace, so the effective area of the furnace are increased. Before high temperature gas is emitted through the chimney into the air from the economizer, they will loop through the furnace , over-heater, convection bank. The circulating in the convection bank between the upper and lower drum are belong to natural circulation, It is typical and high reliability natural water circulating structure, have high self-compensation, automatic allocation feature for ratio of rise and fall, so the water circulating is reliable and safety. And the convection bank also immensely increase the heating area, the economizer is protected by it because water in the convection bank Absorbed more thermal, the temperature of the gas through the economizer is lower. This is the reason for the horizontal boiler with overload.KupHorizontal boiler
KupHorizontal boiler
In addition,the thermal retardation material of D type horizontal boiler are lightweight and high-quality aluminum silicate, the radiation loss is too little because of it.KupHorizontal boiler
KupHorizontal boiler
The structure of the SZS series of horizontal boiler are tight-knit, with full automaticity and full enclosed type combustion, so horizontal boiler was a single-layer arrangement, small floor space, short period of installation.KupHorizontal boiler

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