What size of steam boiler is suitable for 2.5MW turbo alternator?

Recently, we have customer asking turbo alternator of 2.5MW for the industry steam boiler, He don not know what should be the inlet and outlet temperatures and pressures and what size of steam boilers is suitable for 2.5MW.dvzHorizontal boiler

size of steam boiler for 2.5MW turbo alternatordvzHorizontal boiler

There are too many variables to answer. The boiler conditions could be any where from 250 psig and maybe 400 degrees F to 1000 psig and 750 degrees. The outlet on the turbine could be a full vacuum up to a back pressure of several hundred pounds. Will steam be used for anything else in the facility? That can also have a bearing. You really need to talk with some turbine/generator vendors and then horizontal boiler manufacturers. dvzHorizontal boiler
ZG as 70 years horizontal steam boiler manufacturer will reply you as follows:dvzHorizontal boiler
First we must know turbine's inlet pressure and temperature (depend on design ) , mass flow of steam to turbine (for 2,5 MW) and efficiency of turbine (for calculate of exhaust conditions ). Example : 100 MW double exhaust steam turbine need to 160 ton steam boiler at 500 C and 50 bar for high pressure and 40 ton steam boiler at 200 C and 5 bar for low pressure. dvzHorizontal boiler
There are many kind of horizontal steam boiler . if you don not know some require value then you can not calculate boiler pressure , temperature and stages (eco , eva , superheater).dvzHorizontal boiler

I can say only about capacity of boiler ; If we accept turbine effiency = 70 % , then amount of approximately steam power = 2,5 . 100 / 70 = 3,571 MW and If we accept boiler effiency = 85 % then real capacity of boiler = 4,2 MW , this value near capacity of boiler.dvzHorizontal boiler

Boiler inlet condition = 1 bar 50 C (i accept) dvzHorizontal boiler
Enthalpy of inlet water = (from compressed water tables) = 200 kj/kg.dvzHorizontal boiler
Mass of flow = 5 ton/hour (i accept) = 5000 kg/hour = 5000/3600 kg/sn= 1,39 kg/sc. 3,571 MW = 3571 kw = 1,39 . (h-200) h= outlet enthalpy of boiler h = 2769 kj/kg (this value must stay at superheated region) . We must look to superheated region at thermodynamic tables. dvzHorizontal boiler
and we can find best outlet conditions for 2769 Kj/kg. and temperature can not be high than 500 C for 2769 kj/kg. We must take care to pipe line length because some losses cause to change superheated steam to saturated steam or near conditions. If superheated steam early change conditions then blades of turbine can be damaged. at the end of turbine must be saturated steam or little bit big superheated steam for protection of blades. Finally 4 bar , 160 C conditions enough for 2769 kj/kg. dvzHorizontal boiler
Summary : dvzHorizontal boiler
Boiler inlet 1 bar 50 C dvzHorizontal boiler
Boiler outlet 4 bar , 160 C dvzHorizontal boiler
Mass of flow = 5 ton / hour dvzHorizontal boiler
Also next step , calculate of boiler's economizer , evaporator , superheater , main steam line pipe dia. , pumps (circulating and feed water) , drums , recirculation lines , condenser , auxilary cooling water system (for cooling of condenser) , gland steam line , regulating system , control syst. , vacuum sys. (if necessary for condenser) , water treatment sys. , chemical dosing points , etc. etc. etc. dvzHorizontal boiler
Turbine inlet conditions = 4 bar , 160 C 2769 kj/kg dvzHorizontal boiler
Net power = 2,5 mw = 2500 kw dvzHorizontal boiler
2500 = 1,39.(2769-hs) dvzHorizontal boiler
hs = 970 kj/kg (enthalpy of at the end of turbine ) dvzHorizontal boiler
This entalphy shown turbine outlet conditions 0,5 bar 85,4 C or 0,2 bar 85 C (vacuum) water must be cooled up to 50 C (inlet of boiler). dvzHorizontal boiler
After reading this article by ZG horizontal steam boiler manufacturer, think you already can be count by yourself. If have other doubt or question, welcome your message.dvzHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of What size of steam boiler is suitable for 2.5MW turbo alternator??

A: We need know the details of What size of steam boiler is suitable for 2.5MW turbo alternator?, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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