Saturated steam boiler vs superheated steam boiler

   Steam boilers are industrial boilers that heat water to a certain extent and produce high-temperature steam. Users can use steam for industrial production or heating and heating according to their own needs. A steam boiler is a thermal energy device for the purpose of obtaining high-quality steam. The steam produced by boiler can be divided into two types, saturated steam and superheated steam. Saturated water vaporized becomes saturated steam; Saturated steam heating become a certain temperature of superheated steam, the boiler to produce steam is mainly through the three stages.84DHorizontal boiler

superheated steam boiler for power plant84DHorizontal boiler

  1. Saturated steam boiler

  Saturated steam is the steam we get directly from the heating of water. The temperature, pressure and density of saturated steam are one-to-one. Saturated steam has many properties that make it an excellent heat source. And such steam has a strong sanitizing power, high cleaning capacity.84DHorizontal boiler

  2. Superheated steam boiler

  Superheated steam is steam the temperature of which exceeds that of saturated steam at the same pressure. Saturated steam cannot be superheated when it is in contact with water which is also heated, neither can superheated steam condense without first being reduced to the temperature of saturated steam. Experience in using superheated steam in connection with steam turbines has shown that it leads to economy. Aside from this gain, superheated steam prevents erosion of the turbine buckets that would be caused by water in the steam. Superheated steam is more available for power generation, being the preferred energy source for turbines. Superheated steam is sometimes used for process heating in many steam plants around the world, especially in the HPIs (Hydrocarbon Processing Industries) which produce oils and petrochemicals. In most cases, saturated steam should be used for heat transfer processes, even if it means desuperheating the steam to do so.84DHorizontal boiler

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