oil and gas boiler system

   From the perspective of energy conversion, a boiler is an energy conversion equipment, which refers to the equipment that uses various fuels,such as biomass boiler, electricity or other energy sources to heat the contained liquid into water, to certain parameters, and to provide heat energy in the form of external output media.xuCHorizontal boiler

oil and gas boiler systemxuCHorizontal boiler

  The boiler needs to form a stable and scientific system, not only the boiler itself, but also a lot of equipment. Different types of boilers need different parts and different systems due to their characteristics of boiler body and combustion mode. The composition of the boiler system will be introduced by taking the oil and gas boiler system as an example.xuCHorizontal boiler

  1. Fuel system. According to different fuels can be divided into gas supply system, fuel supply system. The gas supply system is mainly composed of the inlet device of the gas supply pipeline, the distribution system of the boiler room and the blow-sweep and discharge pipeline. Common gas auxiliary equipment includes pressurizing equipment, regulating equipment, gas filter, gas drainage device, gas metering equipment, etc.xuCHorizontal boiler

oil and gas boiler systemxuCHorizontal boiler

  2. Combustion system. Common auxiliary equipment includes combustion engine, auxiliary valve instrument and so on.xuCHorizontal boiler

  3. Smoke and wind system. Common auxiliary equipment are fan, flue gas purification (dust removal, desulfurization, denitrification) equipment, chimney.xuCHorizontal boiler

  4. Soda system. It includes many contents, such as steam (hot water) system equipment including main steam (water) pipe and accessory parts, steam (water) cylinder, temperature reducing and decompression device, etc.xuCHorizontal boiler

  Generally speaking, oil and gas boilers can be roughly divided into these four systems, but each system does not operate independently, and each system contains a lot of content.xuCHorizontal boiler

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