How to set the height of the boiler chimney

The coal fired boiler can be divided into two kinds:vertical boiler and horizontal boiler. And the horizontal boiler is very economic because of its long flue gas flow, slow smoke discharge, high heating efficiency. So it is widely sued in the market. After buying a boiler, it is necessary for them to build a boiler room,in the installation the height of the chimney also need to pay attention. According to the ZG engineer, the chimney height should be accordance with the lowest height of GB13271-2001 stipulation. Only one chimney is allowed in a boiler room. The specific requirements was listed below:5meHorizontal boiler

5meHorizontal boiler

 5meHorizontal boiler

1.When the boiler’s output capacity is more than 1t/h or 0.7MW, a permanent thief hatch and relevant facilities should be setted in compliance with the stipulations of measuring method for smoke and dust of boiler emission, and The determination of particulates and sampling methods of gaseous pollutants emitted from exhaust gas of stationary source.5meHorizontal boiler

2. The exit diameter of the chimney should be not lower than the largest load. The smoke flow should not be too fast. when the load of the coal fired boiler is at its lowest level, the velocity of the chimney exit should not lower than 2.5~3m/s.5meHorizontal boiler

3. If the chimney heat does not reach the height of the above stipulations, the maximum discharge concentration of the dust,sulfur dioxide, nitric dioxide should be carried out at 50% of the corresponding area and time emissions standard .5meHorizontal boiler

4.the total capability of the horizontal boiler is more than 40t/h, the chimney height should be confirmed according to the approved environment statement, not lower than 45m. Within a radius of 200m, if there are buildings , the chimney should be 3m higher than the surroundings. The above is some conclusions for chimney building. ZG is the largest boiler manufacture in the middle and west of china. We sincerely welcome the customers from all over the world.5meHorizontal boiler

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