how to measure boiler capacity in ton

   Boiler tonnage, in steam boilers, refers to the steam capacity: the maximum continuous evaporation (ton of steam produced per hour) at a given pressure and temperature to ensure a certain efficiency. General boiler signs or instructions will be marked. For example: SZS6-1.25/220-Y(Q), SZS is the type of boiler structure, 6 represents 4 tons, 1.25 represents steam pressure 0.4MPa, 220 represents the corresponding steam temperature is 220 °C (this boiler is saturated steam boiler), Y (Q) stands for oil and gas fuels.MLvHorizontal boiler

  what factors to be consider when selecting boiler capacity?

  1. calculate the Average Energy requirement for the Plant. Peak Energy consumption rate also very important when selecting new Boiler for the Plant. Energy consumption rate can shown by kJ/hr or k cal/hr.MLvHorizontal boiler

  2. define the energy consumption rate. We need to know the maximum temperature requirement of the plant. Because operating pressure will change according to the temperature requirement.MLvHorizontal boiler

  Knowing this makes it easy to determine the capacity of the boiler. Customers can also tell us your specific needs, we will help you determine the right boiler capacity.MLvHorizontal boiler

  In different countries and regions, the method used by customers to describe the capacity of the boiler is always different. But in general, these expression methods have a certain relationship. (1 ton= 12000 BTU/HR= 4.71HP of water =.035 Hp of Boiler = 3.51kw)MLvHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of how to measure boiler capacity in ton?

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