Global Cement Electrical Power Conference and Exhibition

Waste heat recovery boiler for global cement power conference and exhibition not only including waste heat recovery,also have captive power, grinding optimization and electrical energy efficiency. The 3rd Global CemPower Conference & Exhibition has successfully taken place on 1 - 2 June 2015 in London, UK.7t5Horizontal boiler

waste heat recovery for global cement plant7t5Horizontal boiler

Waste hear recovery boiler7t5Horizontal boiler
Global CemPower Conference is to take place for the third time in London in 2015, and will look at a topic that accounts for one third of the cement industry's total costs: Electrical power.7t5Horizontal boiler
The 3rd Global CemPower Conference has evolved to cover additional subject areas, and will not only look at waste heat recovery for cement and lime, but will also examine captive power generation options (including coal, oil, gas, diesel, hydroelectric, wind and solar), grinding optimization (grinding processes are the largest single consumers of electrical power in the cement plant) and the wider issue of electrical energy efficiency in the cement and lime industries.7t5Horizontal boiler

With the variability in fuel and electricity costs, the cement industry is presented with both a problem and an opportunity. The cement industry uses huge amounts of fuel and electrical power, and is critically sensitive to price rises in both. The industry worldwide is also vulnerable to power-cuts and reduction in power quality - so-called 'brownouts.' However, the cement - and lime - industry is also perfectly located to take advantage of the situation, through the use of waste heat recovery systems and other captive generation units. Using waste heat recovery for example, the cement industry can regain the energy in its waste-gasses and use it to generate electricity, thus partly insulating itself from electricity price increases as well as improving its overall efficiency. Cement producers (particularly in India and Japan) have also built themselves captive power units using wind, hydro-electric, diesel, gas, coal, oil, alternative fuels and biomass.7t5Horizontal boiler

The conference will also study the suite of techniques and approaches that are available to all cement producers to reduce electrical energy consumption throughout waste heat recovery boiler and other plants, from changing motors and optimizing fan designs, to simpler but no-less -effective methods such as intelligent lighting schemes and the scheduling of periodic equipment operation for lower-cost electricity periods.7t5Horizontal boiler

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