Gas waste heat recovery system process

ZG Boiler manufacturer in China since 1945, which is one of the world leading suppliers for process gas waste heat recovery systems (PGWHRS) and have been supplying high temperature and pressure waste heat recovery systems for more than 40 years. The group's vast experience and engineering know-how together with unique design features have been given a well earned distinction of being the world's leading and most proven and experienced manufacturers in process gas waste heat recovery boiler systems.N4fHorizontal boiler

ZG Boiler based on its process layout and patented designs, specializes on manufacturing process gas waste heat recovery systems to gas pressures up to 30,000 kPa, gas inlet temperature up to 1,200°C and steam pressures up to 14,000 kPa.N4fHorizontal boiler

process gas waste heat recovery systemsN4fHorizontal boiler

Typical plant applications for ZG are process gas waste heat recovery systems dealing with:N4fHorizontal boiler
1.AmmoniaN4fHorizontal boiler
2.MethanolN4fHorizontal boiler
3.HydrogenN4fHorizontal boiler
4.Coal GasificationN4fHorizontal boiler
5.Partial OxidationN4fHorizontal boiler
6.Nitric Acid, Caprolactam and FormaldehydeN4fHorizontal boiler

Also any combination of the following equipment can be integrated and customized by ZG Boiler according to each customer’s individual process layout:N4fHorizontal boiler
1.Process gas waste heat boilersN4fHorizontal boiler
2.Steam superheaters (one or two stage)N4fHorizontal boiler
3.HT Shift waste heat boilersN4fHorizontal boiler
4.BFW PreheatersN4fHorizontal boiler
5.Gas / gas heat exchangersN4fHorizontal boiler
6.Steam drumsN4fHorizontal boiler
7.Synloop waste heat boilersN4fHorizontal boiler
8.Syngas CoolersN4fHorizontal boiler
9.Gasification Reactors and othersN4fHorizontal boiler

Gas waste heat recovery system manufacturer

ZGa specializes since 1945 with 70 years experience on high pressure process gas boilers sized according to customer demand. ZG has expanded its production to include the complete range of Process Gas Waste Heat Boilers Packages and ancillary equipment.N4fHorizontal boiler

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Why choose ZG boiler products?

We have a professional installation and after-sales staff,
We have the largest factories and production capacity,
We have a professional sales and service team.

Q: How much the price of Gas waste heat recovery system process?

A: We need know the details of Gas waste heat recovery system process, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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