Gas steam boiler for a tannery in Korea

   Project Address: KoreaV5UHorizontal boiler

  Product: 15 ton wns series gas fired steam boilerV5UHorizontal boiler

  Application field: tannery factoryV5UHorizontal boiler

Gas steam boiler for a tannery in South KoreaV5UHorizontal boiler

  Tannery transforms raw hides and skins into leather for manufacturing articles like shoes, bags, suitcases, belt, wallet, jacket and many other products. The production of leather requires a lot of steam, and the quality of the steam can change the breathability and corrosion resistance of the leather. At the earliest time, the treatment of leather made the physical methods such as depilation and tanning very poor in gas permeability and corrosion resistance. After chemical treatment with some plant juices and mineral oils, the antiseptic and breathability began to improve, and now it is used in technology. The high-temperature steam treats the leather, and the treated leather imparts physical properties such as softness, tear resistance, and tortuosity. In tanneries, steam is required for heating, drying, and equipment heating. It is very important to choose the right boiler.V5UHorizontal boiler

  The boiler provided by ZBG for Korean tannery is the wns series gas steam boiler. The boiler capacity is 15 ton/hr, the steam pressure is 12.5 bar, and the fuel used is gas, .V5UHorizontal boiler

  The advantages of 15 ton wns series gas fired steam boiler

  1. low fuel consumptionV5UHorizontal boiler

  2. Fully optimized and highly efficient in standard construction due to the use of fire tube helical rings which direct the flue gas into a swirling motion. Efficiencies is up to of 98%V5UHorizontal boiler

  3. The steam boiler offers robust construction for long life and ease of access for simplified inspection and maintenance.V5UHorizontal boiler

  4. High efficiency, high turndown, accurate and repeatable air to fuel ratio burner controlV5UHorizontal boiler

  5. Automatic excess air trim, ultra low emissions technologyV5UHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Gas steam boiler for a tannery in Korea?

A: We need know the details of Gas steam boiler for a tannery in Korea, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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