fossil fuel power plant boiler

   A fossil fuel power station boiler is an energy conversion device that uses high temperature flue gas generated by chemical energy released by fossil fuel combustion to produce steam. The steam produced by the boiler will be used to generate electricity. In fossil fuel power station, steam boilers produce large quantities of steam at high temperatures and pressures. This steam is used in steam turbines to generate electric power. The steam generating unit is thus a major component of a thermal power plant.hjvHorizontal boiler

fossil fuel power plant boilerhjvHorizontal boiler

  A fossil fuel power plant converts the energy stored in fossil fuels such as coal, oil, or natural gas successively into thermal energy, mechanical energy, and finally electric energy for continuous use and distribution across a wide geographic area. There are reports that renewable energy, natural gas and nuclear energy will become the fastest-growing energy sources by 2040, but coal-based fossil fuels will remain the mainstay of power generation.hjvHorizontal boiler

  ZBG fossil fuel power plant boiler types

  1. oil and gas power plant boiler

  The oil gas power plant boiler has low NOx emissions in the flue gases. In the combustion zone of the boiler, the membrane wall is spiral wound, utilizing smooth-bore tubing. This inclined-tube arrangement reduces the number of parallel paths compared with a vertical-wall arrangement and therefore increases the mass flow of steam/water mixture through each smooth-bore tube. The development and realization of high efficiency methods for burning the oil and gas fuel in our power plant boilers make it possible to save fuel and reduce the emission of harmful substances while meeting rigorous safety requirements.hjvHorizontal boiler

  2. coal fired power plant boiler

  Our coal power plant boiler can burn a wide range of coals, even those producing an aggressively corrosive flue gas. The various components of the boiler are employed over a range of temperatures, pressures and corrosive atmospheres, and oxidation conditions, and the range of alloys necessary to best meet the design demands covers the simple carbon manganese steels, low alloy steels, advanced low alloy steels. In coal fired cfb power plant boiler system, the fluidized velocity in circulating beds ranges from 3.7 to 9 m/sec and the flue gas is recirculated with a cyclone to capture the unburnt carbon. There are no steam generation tubes immersed in the bad. Generation and super heating of steam takes place in the convection section, water wall and at the exit of the riser.hjvHorizontal boiler

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