Coal fired power generation plant in South Africa

Coal fired power generation plant were often required by clients, especially in South Africa, like South Africa, Zimbabwe etc. The power need 2 MW to 50 MW and more. But, why South Africa place prefer using coal as fuels to heating plant? Here, will talking about it.3ZBHorizontal boiler

coal fired power generation plant in south africa3ZBHorizontal boiler

Why South Africa place prefer using coal fired power generation plant?

A release from the public relations unit of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum said SEG had decided to embark on this project because “coal as a fuel is cheap, abundant, widely used, efficient, safe and that there are modern technologies to minimize environmental pollution.” There are huge economic benefits of coal as a cheap source of energy, specifically, concerning its economic and employment benefits, spanning from its mining through processing, transportation, and up to the end-use. These benefits are particularly maximized in the event that coal happens to be an indigenous resource of the user country. It is, therefore, not a coincidence that most of the big coal user countries (USA, Russia, Japan, China, India and South Africa) also double as coal producing countries.3ZBHorizontal boiler

However, South Africa is not credited with having coal deposits and hence, may not be in a position to maximize the benefits as coal is not an indigenous resource. By their own admission, SEG would import the coal from overseas (some have suggested that coal would be imported from South Africa) into South Africa and further transport it to the plant to be “burnt” in South Africa. This admission and subsequent action means that there is a beneficiary from the importation of coal. Given Zhengzhou Boiler ( Group) Co. Ltd credentials as a China-based company principally engaged in power plant boilers, supply of gas and development of all types of energies as well as researching and investing in new energy-related technologies, I find it hard to believe that coal would be consistently and sustain-ably sourced from other countries excluding China during the entire life time of the project because (1) SEG’s has credential as a major stakeholder in coal-fired power plant and (2) China tends to ensure that we source items from them in their attempts to assist us developmentally. All these and more suggests that the benefits of this project ensure more to China.3ZBHorizontal boiler

Will coal be really cheap for South Africa? 

By their own admission, SEG would import the coal from overseas into South Africa and further transport it to the plant. This admission and subsequent action would mean that there would be financial consequences as some costs would be incurred to procure the coal, ship the coal, insure the shipment, clear the goods through customs, transport the coal from the port to the power plant and finally, in processing the coal (more precisely, large quantities of water are required for purifying the coal, for generating steam for production, and finally for cooling). All these costs that are likely to be incurred will erode the “cheap” argument by the time the end-product gets to the hands of the end-consumer. Thus, the “uncheap” nature of producing electricity from coal in South Africa would eventually be passed on to the end-consumer via potentially expensive billing.3ZBHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Coal fired power generation plant in South Africa?

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