Circulating fluidized bed combustion technology research and development

Circulating fluidized bed boiler combustion technology is developed in the last two decades a new generation of combustion technology, is considered innovative coal combustion technology has been widely used in the world. The technology is based on the first generation to overcome bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology on its high ash content and low combustion efficiency heating surface pipe wear serious disadvantages inherent low sorbent utilization and development. This combustion furnace material is run under a special state flow characteristics, the furnace section finer particles are carried through the furnace flue gases, part of the solid particles generated reflux is carried out of the particles were then returned to the furnace gas-solid separator Repeated burning several cycles. As the circulating fluidized bed desulfurizer fuel and recycled many times, repeatedly burning and reactions, and the furnace movement strong turbulence, which can achieve the desired desulfurization efficiency and combustion efficiency.zRBHorizontal boiler

CFB boiler technologyzRBHorizontal boiler

CFB boiler diagramzRBHorizontal boiler

According to the current application of circulating fluidized bed boiler show that has the following characteristics:zRBHorizontal boiler
(1)high combustion efficiency; circulating fluidized bed combustion efficiency of different coals can reach more than 98 to 99 percent, fueled with coal combustion efficiency better same with the pulverized coal furnace, fueled with low-quality coal combustion is more efficient than a Pulverized; zRBHorizontal boiler
(2)to control the discharge of pollutants; incorporation of limestone make Ca / S molar ratio of 1.5 to 1.7, the desulfurization efficiency up to 90% above, the use of oxygen combustion and staged combustion technology enables the NOX emissions below 200ppm; Canton zRBHorizontal boiler
(3)fuel flexibility; fuel preparation and feed system is simple; circulating fluidized bed boiler not only with traditional pulverized coal fired combustible, layer burning stove can be fueled with various fuels, and can be fueled with pulverized coal furnace, layer burner and a variety of difficult burning fuel. zRBHorizontal boiler
(4)load turndown ratio; run the operating flexibility; circulating fluidized bed boiler combustion of the fuel in the absence of minimum load of up to 25% of rated load, load change rate of up to 5% of the load per minute; zRBHorizontal boiler
(5)in favor of ash comprehensive utilization; fuel cycle in the bed are "cold" combustion, ash suitable for use as cement mix or other material; zRBHorizontal boiler
(6)moderate investment and operating costs; investment and operating costs circulating fluidized bed boilers and conventional pulverized coal fired close but lower than a Pulverized configuration desulfurization unit 15 to 20%.zRBHorizontal boiler

75t cfb boiler_副本_副本.jpgzRBHorizontal boiler

75ton h CFB boilerzRBHorizontal boiler

Circulating fluidized bed combustion technology mechanism research, has assumed the "research and test modeling and numerical simulation of large-scale circulating fluidized bed combustion system working process," nearly ten National Natural Science Foundation, the national "eight five" key project and "circulating fluidized bed gas-steam generation equipment research," national "Nine Five" project "75ton circulating fluidized bed package design," and the National Key Basic Research Development Program projects. In cooperation with Canadian institutions concerned a joint application to the Canadian International Development Agency CIDA Canadian project "Development Research burning coal combustion CFB China", made a series of achievements in scientific research, especially in the circulating fluidized bed combustion , heat transfer, desulfurization and other aspects of a deeper study, in cooperation with the United Technologies Corporation a "vortex fluidized bed combustion technology research", in cooperation with the US F & W company "a new gas-solid separation technology research." Cooperation with South Korea development of large-scale circulating fluidized bed boiler. In extensive research on the basis of the mechanism for circulating fluidized bed combustion technology with sufficient awareness, especially in the hydrodynamic characteristics of circulating fluidized bed, a circulating fluidized bed coal and special fuels (anthracite, coal, coal, raw biomass fuels, coal, petroleum coke, etc.) of the combustion characteristics of a circulating fluidized bed furnace heat transfer characteristics and tail heating surface, the control process pollutants (SO2, NOx and heavy metals) circulating fluidized bed combustion, circulating fluidized Key components such as splitters bed, feed back mechanism and external fluidized bed heat exchanger. The main fluidized bed combustion test rig owned are: cross-section of 200 × 200 high as cold circulating fluidized bed test stand 4000, cross-section of 200 × 200 high of 4000 circulating fluidized bed thermal test bench, sectional as high as 500 × 500 6000 circulating fluidized bed thermal test bench, cross-section of 350 × 350 high as 10,000 hot circulating fluidized bed test bed 1MW fluidized bed combustion test stand and vortex. In addition to research in the laboratory scale test rig performed, still 75t / h circulating fluidized bed boiler and 220t / h circulating fluidized bed boiler exhaustive testing, to obtain large flow boiler, combustion, heat transfer, pollutant Characteristics emissions.zRBHorizontal boiler

130t cfb boilerzRBHorizontal boiler

130ton h CFB boilerszRBHorizontal boiler

On the basis of circulating fluidized bed technology research on the mechanism of combustion, circulating fluidized bed combustion technology theoretical research system, establishment of a comprehensive mathematical model, a complete design calculation method of circulating fluidized bed boiler design and develop a multi- forms burning various fuels circulating fluidized bed boiler, such as 35t / h outer circulating fluidized bed boiler for power plant, 75t / h and 130ton circulating fluidized bed boiler mongolia with garbage and other forms of boilers, these boilers have been applied to industrial real for many years, and has been a large scale. Also awarded more than 20 patents in the field, where the slime circulating fluidized bed combustion technology Invention State.zRBHorizontal boiler

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