China water tube d-type structure boiler

D type structure water tube boiler history:

China water tube d-type structure boilerJpcHorizontal boiler

D type water tube boilerJpcHorizontal boiler

The China created an unprecedented demand for d type water tube boilers base on horizontal boiler types - especially hot water heating boilers. In the east and mid-west, the older designs remained the tried and true choice for boiler makers and installers who’d cut their teeth on them. But China a new water tube d-type structure boiler design was quickly catching on. Far less complicated than previous designs, this new design took a pair of rectangular header boxes with tube-sheets, spaced them apart, and connected them with a bank of water tubes. With a large combustion chamber underneath and the tubes pitched at an inclined angle to promote natural circulation, these china water tube d type structure boilers were so ridiculously simple that there had to be something wrong with them. Had to be! But there wasn’t.JpcHorizontal boiler

China water tube d-type structure boiler 1_副本.jpgJpcHorizontal boiler

SZS D type structure boiler diagramJpcHorizontal boiler

China water tube d type structure boiler advantages:

1.These d type structure boilers finally solved the scale removing problem completely. With removable head-plates and straight tubes, this new design allowed 100% simple, fast and easy waterside access for cleaning. For the first time ever, a boiler that scaled up no matter how many times or how bad could be restored to its original efficiency in less than a day. JpcHorizontal boiler
2.With two opposing header boxes, water naturally had to flow through all the tubes to get from the return to the supply. Because fire-tube, bent tube and cast iron boilers were originally designed for steam, they had to be adapted to hydronic heating in D type water tube boilers. This created problems because the flow of water often short circuited and bypassed heating surfaces in boilers that were originally designed with a fixed water line to make steam. JpcHorizontal boiler
By simply increasing the size of the header boxes and adding a bank of drying tubes at the top, the horizontal d type water-tube boiler was easily modified to produce steam as well. With far less mass (water content) than fire-tubes, the d type structure boiler are able to generate steam much faster from a cold start. In addition, the drying tubes produce high quality saturated steam with less than 1% moisture content. This type of boiler eventually found acceptance across the rest of North America and has never looked back. ZG has manufactured this type boiler since 1948. It would be reasonable to ask how a ZG china water tube d type boiler overcomes thermal shock with straight tubes.JpcHorizontal boiler

This article is obviously slanted toward our horizontal d type structure water-tube design boiler - one that we believe in and feel strongly about. If you have a boiler of a different design, if nothing else perhaps some of the information above will help you understand and maintain it better.JpcHorizontal boiler

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