Chemical water supply system of Boiler

   There are many calcium and magnesium salts in tap water, and the water quality is hard. If it is not softened, it will be directly added to the boiler, which will cause precipitation of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide, which will deposit on the inner wall of the water pipe/water bladder. Thermal efficiency, long-term past, boiler thermal efficiency will be lost. Chemical water supply system of Boiler focused on removal or chemical modification of substances potentially damaging to the boiler.xuAHorizontal boiler

industrial oil gas fired boilerxuAHorizontal boiler

  Chemical Water supply system includes soften water system, desalted water system, deaerator, water feed pump, water tank, dosing device, etc.xuAHorizontal boiler

  1. To select a water treatment equipment, users are required to provide boiler water quality reports (well water, tap water, surface water, etc.);xuAHorizontal boiler

  2. Boiler water treatment system: type selection: For steam boilers, the capacity should be greater than boiler evaporation; For hot water boilers, the feed up water capacity generally depends on the amount of circulating water in the system.xuAHorizontal boiler

  1) Sodium ion exchanger, salt tank, etc.xuAHorizontal boiler

  2) Fully automatic water softener: the requirement of inlet water hardness should be less than 8 mmol/L;xuAHorizontal boiler

  Industrial boiler (pressure less than 2.5 MPa): the outlet water hardness should be less than 0.03 mmol/L;xuAHorizontal boiler

  Main parameters: outlet water flow rate (8t/h, 10t/h, etc.), outlet water quality, double (single) valves and double tanks and other technical parameters.xuAHorizontal boiler

  3. Main parameters for Reverse Osmosis(short for RO) water treatment system: technical parameters of outlet water flow rate(60t/h, 100t/h, etc.), outlet water quality, etc.xuAHorizontal boiler

  4. Deaerator: Thermodynamic deaerator (including deoxygenation water pump; control cabinet), pressure deaerator, sponge iron deaerator, analytical deaerator, etc. Boilers above 10t/h require matched deaerator.xuAHorizontal boiler

  The deaerator is divided into low level deaerator and high level deaerator.xuAHorizontal boiler

  5. Water feed pump: the selection is mainly based on the boiler pressure and system resistance.xuAHorizontal boiler

  Water feed pump mainly includes vertical pumps, horizontal pumps, etc.xuAHorizontal boiler

  Main parameters: flow rate, pressure, rotating speed, matched Variable Frequency Motor or Ordinary Motor (power), etc.xuAHorizontal boiler

  6. Water tank: Volume size; Carbon steel, stainless steel (combined type) or other type.xuAHorizontal boiler

  7. Ammonia feeding device and dosing device are mainly used to adjust the boiler water index.xuAHorizontal boiler

  Parameters: pressurized flow rate and pressure; generally there are two pumps and one tank (including control cabinet); two pumps and two tanks (including control cabinet).xuAHorizontal boiler

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