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Roughly speaking about build waste heat recovery boiler:

Build waste heat recovery boiler for most fuel-fired heating equipment, a large number of heat supplied is wasted as exhaust or flue gases. In furnaces, air and fuel are mixed and burned to get heat, many of which is used the heating tool and its load. In the event the heat transfer reaches its practical limit, the spent combustion gases are taken from the furnace by using a flue or stack. At this stage, these gases still hold considerable thermal energy. In most systems, here is the greatest single heat loss. The vitality efficiency is usually increased by using waste heat gas recovery boiler to capture and employ many of the energy inside the flue gas.byaHorizontal boiler

For gas-based systems, the number of heat in the flue gases like a percentage from the heat input within a furnace may be estimated by using exhaust gas loss or waste heat is dependent upon flue gas temperature and mass flow, or in practical terms, excess air resulting from combustion air supply and air leakage in the furnace. The extra air can be estimated by measuring oxygen percentage inside the flue gases.byaHorizontal boiler

build waste heat recovery boilerbyaHorizontal boiler

Waste Heat Recovery Heat losses need to be minimized before waste heat recovery boiler is investigated. Highlights opportunities for energy savings. The most frequently used waste heat recovery methods are preheating combustion air, steam generation , water heating, and load preheating.byaHorizontal boiler

Steam Generation and Water Heating. These systems is like conventional boilers however are larger as the exhaust gas temperature is less than the flame temperature used in conventional systems. Waste heat boilers can be employed of all furnace applications, and special designs and materials are available for systems with corrosive waste gases. Plants that requirement a resource of steam or warm water will use waste heat boilers, which could also work for plants looking to incorporate steam capacity. However, the waste boiler generates steam only when the fuel-fired process is operating.byaHorizontal boiler

Waste heat recovery benefit:

a.Improved heat efficiency. Energy consumption can typically be reduced 5% to 30% byaHorizontal boiler
b.Lower flue gas temperature in chimney. Less heat is wasted. byaHorizontal boiler
c.Higher flame temperatures. Combustion air preheating heats furnaces better and faster. byaHorizontal boiler
d.Faster furnace start-up. Combustion air preheating heats furnaces faster. byaHorizontal boiler
e.Increased productivity. Waste heat employed for load preheating can increase throughput. f.Potential Applications Waste heat recovery should generally be considered if your exhaust temperatures are greater than 1,000°F, or when the flue gas mass flow is very large.byaHorizontal boiler

ZG Boiler provide boilers for 70 years since 1945 with rich experience on build waste heat recovery boiler. Last year we have one set of waste heat recovery boiler in Uzbekistan, This customer is using for mining industry. Except mining industry, waste heat recovery boiler also suitable for chemical industry, building material industry, Non-ferrous metallurgy industry, iron and steel industry etc. If you need, you can contact with us with below form.byaHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Build waste heat recovery boiler?

A: We need know the details of Build waste heat recovery boiler, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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