Boiler maintenance while stop working

As we all know, during the boiler stop working period, if don’t take proper measures, corrosion of metal inner surfaces of boiler water system will be more severe than the running time, it’s not only shorten boiler life, but may cause dangerous during operation. Here we recommend some boiler corrosion protection methods, users could choose some according to the actual conditions:rFUHorizontal boiler

Water tube Package Boilers for sale .jpgrFUHorizontal boiler

1: drying methodrFUHorizontal boiler

When the industrial boiler stop working, close the inlet and outlet water valve, and open the drain valve to discharge water before boiler water cooling. After discharge all the water, remove the automatic exhaust valve, and dry the boiler metal surface by the waste heat, if do not maintenance, it’s better to close all the outlet connections. This method only for corrosion of boiler in maintenance or short time (within a week)stop working.rFUHorizontal boiler

2. fill nitrogen methodrFUHorizontal boiler

boiler in workingrFUHorizontal boiler

Boiler working in sugar plantrFUHorizontal boiler

After the boiler stop working, turn off the boiler inlet and outlet valves, open the drain valve to discharge water. Fill nitrogen with a purity of 99% or more to the tubes. When filling nitrogen, close all the external interfaces of boiler water side, and should be tight without leakage, nitrogen pressure gauge should be kept at more than 0.05MPa. During the nitrogen protection, should always observe boiler water system nitrogen pressure, when it drops, you should find and eliminate the leaks and add nitrogen to keep the required pressure. During the nitrogen protection if could fill nitrogen timely, and keep the required pressure, This method is applicable to long-term shutdown (over three months), or prevent boiler from freezing and icing in cold climates. When restart the boiler, the nitrogen could exhaust to the air directly.rFUHorizontal boiler

Also, when horizontal boiler stop working in the winter, should close doors and windows of boiler room and take some heating measures, so as not to freezing equipment.rFUHorizontal boiler

Note: no matter choose any method, should remove the automatic exhaust valve, and use plug to block the interface.rFUHorizontal boiler

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