Boiler construction in power plant

Horizontal boiler construction in power plant is the main course for clients as well as the most care question for them. Usually boiler construction in power plant are steam boilers. Below the details about boiler construction in power plant.NSFHorizontal boiler

Boiler construction in power plantNSFHorizontal boiler

Boiler construction in power plantNSFHorizontal boiler

Boiler Construction technology (engineering)

Mechanical engineeringNSFHorizontal boiler
The main equipment in a power plant is a boiler for supplying steam, and a steam turbogenerator that is rotated by the steam. In order for these to function, the plant and equipment is connected by many pipes. Valves are provided on the pipes, and there can be several hundred valves in a 1-million-kW power plant. We design some of the piping, the supports that support the piping, and the elevated platforms for operating and inspecting the valves. Also, for improved work efficiency, we plan and install modules in which equipment, piping, supports, cable trays, local instrumentation panels, etc., are assembled on the ground.NSFHorizontal boiler
Example of modularizationNSFHorizontal boiler
This is a view of a module that was assembled on the ground from hand rails, walkways, and boiler parts, being installed at height level using a large crane during boiler construction. Reducing the amount of work at height level has the effect of improving work efficiency and safety.NSFHorizontal boiler

NSFHorizontal boiler
Boilers construction in power plant.pngNSFHorizontal boiler

1.Hand railNSFHorizontal boiler
2.WalkwayNSFHorizontal boiler
3.Boiler componentNSFHorizontal boiler
Electrical designNSFHorizontal boiler
A power plant contains various types of equipment (pumps, blowers, valves, etc.). In a 1-million-kW-class power plant, there may be more than a thousand pieces of equipment. Items requiring power range from items that consume several thousand kW to small items consuming a few watts, and these are supplied with electrical power from a distribution panel through electrical cables. Also, besides supplying electrical power, it is necessary to transmit sensor information such as equipment water levels, temperatures, pressures, and flow rates to the central control panel through control and instrumentation cables. The total length of these electrical cables in a 1-million-kW-class power plant may be 1,000 km or more. Electrical cable design is the design of the routes for these electrical cables. We also design cable paths, which includes the layout design and manufacturing of cable trays and conduit pipes, etc., to hold these electrical cables.NSFHorizontal boiler
Instrumentation designNSFHorizontal boiler
In the case of local sensors, instrumentation ducts are branched from the main ducts and brought to local instrumentation panels, so design is carried out including the planning and manufacturing of their routes. Also, compressed air is used as the power source for valves, so we design the control air pipes that connect the valves to the compressed air sources.NSFHorizontal boiler
Electrical design of ancillary equipmentNSFHorizontal boiler
This is the electrical design for lighting, communication equipment, fire extinguishing equipment, etc.NSFHorizontal boiler
Example of electrical facilities in a power plantNSFHorizontal boiler

Boiler construction in power plant.jpgNSFHorizontal boiler

1.Low-voltage power distribution panel (installation)NSFHorizontal boiler
2.Fire extinguishing equipment (supply and installation)NSFHorizontal boiler
3.Local instrumentation panel (supply and installation)NSFHorizontal boiler
4.Ducts containing electrical cables (supply and installation)NSFHorizontal boiler
5.Trays holding electrical cables (supply and installation)NSFHorizontal boiler
6.Instrumentation piping (supply and installation)NSFHorizontal boiler
NSFHorizontal boiler
ZG boiler manufacturer provide the whole boiler construction in power plant with turnkey project. Boiler include biomass cfb boiler for power plant, coal fired boiler for power plant, gas oil boiler for power plant etc.NSFHorizontal boiler

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